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Houston's Real Estate Market

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Feb. 26, 2005, 10:35PM

TV show to have local flair

Houston's real estate market will be backdrop for new NBC program


Houston's real estate wars are about to go prime time.


Hollywood trade publications report that the NBC network is moving forward with a television pilot about three real estate agents in Houston.

The show, called Hot Property, revolves around a "Southern belle whose cutthroat antics as a real estate agent mask the soft spot she has for her staff," according to the TheHollywoodReporter.com.

It sounds a bit like a real estate version of Designing Women, the long-running sitcom about interior designers in Atlanta.

But why Houston?

Aside from our go-go housing market and the huge numbers of steadfast Southern women who sell many of our homes, the show's creator used to live here.

Native Texan Gail Gilchriest is a book, TV and film writer best known for penning the popular My Dog Skip, a 2000 film about a boy growing up in 1940s Mississippi with his Jack Russell Terrier.

Born in Silsbee, Gilchriest graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and spent several years as a columnist and features reporter for the Houston Post.

NBC couldn't be reached for comment, and Gilchriest wasn't able to discuss the project last week.

Stay tuned for details.

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ABC, is also going to have a show based in Houston.

LAWS OF CHANCE (ABC) - KaDee Strickland ("The Stepford Wives") has scored the lead role in the drama pilot, about the life of unconventional Houston assistant district attorney Kelly Siegler, whose 95% success rate in court was partly due to her theatrical presentation in arguing cases. Gary Glasberg, Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo are the executive producers of "Chance," which comes from 20th Century Fox Television and Roundtable Ink.

Also Reba takes place in Houston, and lot of other shows on tv too.

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HOT PROPERTY (NBC, New!) - Feature writer Gail Gilchriest ("My Dog Skip") has landed a cast-contingent pilot order from the Peacock for a new comedy about three immoral real estate agents in Houston. The project, not to be confused with Suzanne Martin's similarly-titled comedy pilot "Hot Properties" at ABC, is set up at 20th Century Fox Television and Brad Grey Television.

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I cry laughing every week when I watch Arrested Development. I think the funniest thing yet was when Maybe gave her mom Linsday the shirt that said "Shemale" but pronounced it "She-mally"!


Want a Blue Man for less green? (...and I TALK!) :rolleyes:

Seriously, though, I never saw the point of having laugh-track sitcoms "set" in a city. All it means is that there are a few touristy pictures shown during the opening credits.

One of the things I really like about Arrested Development's style is that it doesn't just take place in a set in Burbank -- it shoots on location and so viewers really get to go out there and see what Orange County is like.

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