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Louisiana Is....

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Leaving Louisiana

By Dr. Chris Warner

Ph.D. - Urban Planning

PoliticsLA.com columnist

posted April 14, 2003

Louisiana is losing good people. The United States Census reported an alarming outward shift in the population of the State of Louisiana during the last decade. 2000 U.S. Census estimates indicate that native Louisianians are continuing to leave their home state for greener pastures of economic opportunity elsewhere. Possessing a debilitating reputation for acute political corruption, an inequitable tax structure and consistently low overall quality of life rankings, Louisiana is crippled in terms of its ability to keep its residents and simultaneously attract the location of new business and industry

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None of this is suprising to me. The oil sector in New Orleans has been on the decline for awhile now. I've yet to hear of a new industry to step in and fill its shoes. I used to play a game with my friends while driving through LA to see how many cars we could spot without any license plate at all. This game started because we pulled out of a gas station back onto the highway once and we passed about 12 cars before one actually had tags. It was kind of surreal.

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We were only looking at the back... so maybe front? that just seems so backward to me. We had seen two cars earlier that morning without tags but that was off on a dirt road south of Houma so no suprise. But this was on I-10 going right through the middle of the state. We were on our way to maritime fire school. That was a hoot.

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I agree New orleans is one wierd city. And O do love the place. Everytime I go back it is like I am home again. But it is not a city that I want to raise my family in. Like some I might retire thee but I woudl not hold my breath. My family has strong ties in Lousiana and I have had many offers of jobs there as well but non good enough to tickle my interest up enough.

So yes I agree 100% with the article.

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