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Who's Your Favorite Realtor?


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Karen Derr (the company) has a good reputation in older inner loop areas, including the better areas of the east end.

It is easy for people to recommend realtors (I have my faves, namely Judy Berno at KW and Gilda Sprung at CB) but ultimately it is the individual buyer that knows when they have the 'right' agent. :)

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Walter Aymen at Keller Williams Houston Metropolitan is the hardest-working, smartest Realtor in Houston.


Seriously, he can assist you with all the ins and outs, plus give expert advice on financing issues and such. He was my mentor when I was a Realtor and proved himself to be of the highest integrity. I still seek his advice on real estate and non-real estate issues. NO ONE will work harder in your interests.

I will receive no referral or commission for sending you to Walter...just the reward of helping someone make a connection that will truly benefit them in finding a home.

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Only one I've worked with is Shirley Sanders at Coldwell Banker but I really liked her. I haven't bought anything yet; I decided that I wanted to wait a couple of years before making that leap. She mainly specializes in high rise residential units though.

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