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They are cracking down for the Westchase cleanup. Just got this email on Monday.

I am a member of the Houston Police Department's Westside Tactical Unit. We have been conducting police enforcement activity around the Lakeside Estates Apartments. I wanted to let you know about the Keep Houston Safe Campaign. The Police Department will have a kickoff and press conference on May 8 (Thursday) at 9:00 a.m. at the Food Town located at Wilcrest and Briar Forest. The Chief or an Executive Chief representative will be speaking. There will be representatives from Pct 5 as well as (we hope) Councilwoman Pam Holmes. The HPD Command Post Vehicle will be deployed for a few days starting Thursday at the Food Town. There will be an increase in police activity for the next few months. The press conference is open for anyone to attend. Please pass the word if anyone in your subdivision would like to attend.

Thank you for your continued support for our efforts in the area. Capt Gerstner and Lt Kubiak forwarded the emails you wrote. The officers who work the area are always thrilled to see the public support for their actions. If we can serve you in the future, please contact me.


Randal Jeansonne, Senior Police Officer

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Westchase was a fun place in the late 70s-early 80s. The secretary where I worked lived at the Woodchase Apartments. They had an art moderne look, with bright blue awnings. This nod to retro in new construction back then was pretty unique (pre-Transco Tower). I thought they were the coolest apartments in town, along with the St. Louis, until the Winwood Apartments were built southwest of there.

I happened by Gessner and Westheimer the other day and was mad that they "remodeled" the Woodchase. Now it looks like another dump apartment in Houston. Dumb, dumb developers! :angry:

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