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The Mist Comes To Houston


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I don't go to the movies that much either. Most times the people are loud, there are brats running around, and I have to yell at people. Sad face for everyone. For The Mist, it was only my two friends and I. I do go to Alamo Drafthouse though. They're great because there are no kids allowed.

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I do go to Alamo Drafthouse though. They're great because there are no kids allowed.

Ditto on this!! I wish they could build another theatre or two that was "no children under 18," period. The only thing about Alamo is that they permit kids with (a) parent(s) and I find a lot of the time, the parent could care less their kid is talking loudly, kicking on the seat in front of them, throwing food, etc. Last movie I went to see was Beowulf. All of 7 people were in the theater until two moms walked in late with their 8-10 year old sons. (To sit right in front of me, of course.) Naturally, Beowulf is NOT a kid-friendly film and I don't know what the heck they were thinking as the kids were screaming half the time in fear.

Btw, did people NOT read this story in high school? These same mothers didn't seem to understand the story or the ending. They were more than happy to voice their opinions too, but whatever. Another reason that I too wait for most movies to come out on DVD.

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People have no regard for others any more. I hope that my calling this people on their behavior stops them from acting the same way in the future. To bad I'll never know. Oh well. I'll just keep yelling at them.

Well, with all the mall shootings, violence, etc. I am not one to report too much to movie administration. I just would rather not go.

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