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Big Baby Wear Houston

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There was a clothing line based out of Houston called Big Baby Wear. Does anyone know waht happened to it? Is it still running

Also there was clothing line company called EnufSaid based out of Houston.

Yesterday Beyonce reported that her new clothing line is coming out. I wonder will she base it out of Houston or be a sale out and base it somewhere else.



Houston, TX -- August, 2003 -- Big Baby Lifestyle, the clothing line with a multi-cultural appeal, is making waves throughout the country with its new stylish look.

Founded in 1998 as a casual apparel group, this Houston-based company is run by five men: President/Founder, Rodrick Boykin; Vice President, Destry Dokes; Vice President of Product Sourcing, Ronnie Finkelman; and partners former professional football player, 12-year veteran and two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, Cris Dishman and professional football player, Houston Texans cornerback, Marcus Coleman.

In 2002 Big Baby Lifestyle partnered with Scope Imports, Inc., a 35 + year old Houston-based apparel import and distribution company. The partnership was based on Scope's ability to provide fulfillment and distribution, with additional support in the administrative area to help enhance Big Baby Lifestyle

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