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Naughty Pop-up Ads


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I got a pop-up ad today on this forum. That's a bad thing. My ad companies have been specifically notified not to serve pop-ups to this web site. I think I caught the offender, but I'm not sure. If you see any, let me know who the advertiser is, so I can block their ads. I don't like pop-ups.

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Can't pop-ups in some cases be due to spyware, rather than site-specific?  It's a good idea to dowload programs like Ad-Aware or Spybot and run them every couple weeks to keep the pop-ups under control. 

UrbanNerd, are you happy with Firefox?

You are correct. Very often pop-up ads appear when you have spyware installed. On some Windows machines all you have to do is visit a web site for it to be installed. It's more often the case that it gets installed along with some other application you're using -- usually a P2P client, or something like Weatherbug.

I remember Adaware from when I had a Windows box, and it was great. And best of all -- free.

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hehe... is that a subtle hint at the fact that you're a mac user?

My wife converted me a little over a year ago. Bought a 17" Powerbook at the Galleria Apple Store. Found out a month later I was entitled to a discount through my company that would have saved me $500. I was really steamed. Thanks, boss. Thanks for telling me nothing.

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I got Virtual PC when I bought the Mac, just in case I needed some file or program that was only on Windows. It works pretty well. But it's kind of disturbing seeing Windows XP running on a Powerbook. XP runs as well on my Mac as it did on my 1.5GHz HP box.

That said, I haven't needed to fire up Virtual PC in about nine months. Everything program had on my Windows box is also available on Mac -- Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, The Sims, Sim City 4000, etc... The transition has been really painless.

I picked up iWork over the weekend, but haven't had time to play with it too much. What little I've done with Keynote blows Powerpoint out of the water. I haven't explored Pages at all, but it looks solid.

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