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"new" 93q


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There's a limit on how long consumer goods can be labeled "new" but radio companies tend to ignore this limit. I know a radio station that was calling itself "The New Mix" for five years. I don't know if it ever dropped the "new" part since I moved to another city.

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i miss the old 93Q when john lander was still there and they weren't country.

93Q was once KYND, an elevator music station, affiliated with the old 790 KULF (previously KTHT). If I recall correctly, Harte Hanks sold the pair to Gannett, who flipped them to 79Q (AM) KKBQ and started the Q-Zoo format in Houston. Then KYND became 93Q KKBQ-FM. I worked at KULF at the time just before the change.

Along those lines, does anyone else remember the morning team of London & Engleman on KULF?

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