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Cumulus To Bring Rock Back To Houston.


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If you did not catch the report on Fox26 news last week. Cumulus Radio is going to start a new Rock station on 97.5 on Feb. 15th. It will later be changed to 103.7 and tower will move to La Port. 103.7 will be moved to 99.7 and moved from Huntsville down too Willis. 97.5 will then soon after have another format change. So get ready Houston Rock is back..

They will pick up the fallowing Shows..

Walton & Johnson

Jim Pruett

Outlaw Dave

If there is something you want to hear on this station please post it in the forums at RockAid.com. I am sure they are looking at it and any input you may have will be great.


"Bringing Rock Back Nation Wide"

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don't we already have plenty of urban stations?

majic 102, the box, party 104 and the station that took over KRTS...

Depends on your definition of "enough"

The Box and Party play similar things and compete to each other, but Majic is comepletely different since they go for an older crowd.

The company that took over KRTS may be the same company that own Majic and The Box, but the new station on 92.1 is not urban so that leaves us with 3.

When Cumulus gets both 97.5 and 103.7 going, we are expected to have 4 rock stations in town.

Would you say that's too many?

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I can finally listen to morning radio again.

I so agree with this. For me any way the mornings shows have really been lacking lately. It is almost as if the morning dj's are just to scared of FCC retribution to really say anything. I admit that I really miss the good ole days of Stevens and Pruit but I did grow to love Good old W&J as well. I am counting the days until they come back on the air as well as my old frined OUT LAW Dave. I wonder if they will bring back the balls and other parties as well.

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I Think Urban will come back after rock leaves to 103.7.

I doubt it.

The format was too similar to Majic and they were not able to compete.

If they were going to bring it back, they wouldn't have taken it off in the first place.

They would have waited to launch the rock station until the new tower was ready.

Plus, they let all the old Power staff go.

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