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Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?


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A few weeks ago I threw out the idea of starting a section for Houston Architecture Blogs. About 12 people posted here or sent me e-mails saying they would love to blog. Well, I spent a week putting the code together and it finally works. So, where are you guys? I sent you each an e-mail explaining how to access the authoring system, but no one has taken advantage of it. What gives?

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At this time I haven't created a way to edit the blog entries. But I'll be sure to add that feature soon. In the meantime, be sure to proofread your stuff very closely.

I've also fixed a little bug, so that pictures posted that are larger than 300 pixels will be scaled down so they don't distort the screen.

Also, remember that when you're creating blog entries, you're essentially writing in HTML, so if you want a space between paragraphs, you have to use <br><br> to insert two line breaks.

Some people like to indent their paragraphs, and that's problematic. There has never been a standard created in HTML for indenting text that works in all cases. Ideally, you'd make a space between paragraph instead with <br><br>. But if you REALLY want to indent, there is a thing called " ", which means "Non-Breaking SPace." If you were to enter the text:

     This is a blog entry.

It will insert five non-breaking spaces and in most browsers you would get

This is a blog entry.

Except with a few spaces at the head. As you can see, indents don't even work in the forum, and this forum software is pretty sophisticated.

Maybe instead of an "edit" feature, I should put together a "Preview" function first until we all get used to the computer. I'm sorry I can't make it more user friendly, I'm pretty much at the limit of my programming skills.

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If I can offer a suggestion....

Create your Blog in a WYSIWYG editor (I believe word has the ability as well, I forgot) and simply cut and paste. 


An excellent suggestion. In fact, that's what I do with the Chicago blog when I'm not writing it in my Palm Pilot. I write it in DreamWeaver, and then just cut and paste the HTML is generates. This allows me to see things as they will appear on the screen, including bold and italics, and best of all -- it checks my spelling.

I'm not suggesting everyone drop $500 on Dreamweaver. But there's a few free ones out there.

Another alternative is to create your blog entry in a word processor that will allow you to save your document as a web file. But I just tried this in Microsoft Word, and it doesn't work very well. MS adds a crapload of bloat and unnecessary commands to the document that will surely screw it up when it appears on the blog.

Anyone have any suggestions of text editors that might accomplish the task at hand?

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Just wondering, I am not sure when I am going to do it but how do you submit a blog? I have some stuff I have written just for the sake of writing it. I probably wouldn't submit them, but if I decided to write something else I would like to know how to put it on here.

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