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T.K. Bittermans At 2010 West Alabama St.


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I lived many many many years in Montrose and Heights.. but am out in the "near Westbury" area now.. as my husband talked me into buying a condo before we got married, and couldn't afford one in my beloved Montrose.

Anyhoo.. wondering if anyone familiar with TK Bitterman's on Alabama. Is it still there?

Morbidly curious about this place.. as thru a friend in Montrose in mid 80's.. met this guy who ended up being a killer.. David West.. used to hang at Rudyard's in the 80's.. Even went a b-day party as a friend of mine's where he and the gal he killer her family Cynthia Campbell.

And the story of how he was "brought down" by the female detective Kim Paris.. and she got him to confess all on a date at TK Bitterman's.

It was kind of a cozy neighborhood bar if I remember correctly.

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  • The title was changed to T.K. Bitterman's On Alabama St.
  • The title was changed to T.K. Bittermans At 2010 West Alabama St.

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