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New Hai Front Page Now Online


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It looks great!

I know you probably do all this out of the kind volunteer grace of your soul buuuuuuuuut, What do you think if we called the West Loop/Galleria area Uptown instead? I think sounds a little more sophisticated & classy.

Also, what if there was an interactive map that you could scroll over to see a certain neighborhood, and by clicking on it you could go to it's section in the forum or maybe blog?

I don't know, if my ideas seem too much, simply discard them - I'm a firm believer in "You get what you pay for" "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"  & "Beggar's can't be choosers!"



(PS - Westchase District & neighborhoods (Briargrove Park, Walnut Bend, Memorial Bend & Ashton Forest) needs their own sub-forum & blog! :P

I went with West Loop/Galleria because a lot of people who visit the site aren't familiar with specific neighborhood divisions. So I put in "Galleria" for the many many schoolchildren who visit the site. They'll know what that is. And I put in West Loop because that's really the area that section encompasses - including Uptown and the Galleria Area and Tanglewood, etc...

As for the map, I'd love to have that. I've been thinking about it since the web site went online (Three years ago next week), but I just don't have the programming talent for it.

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Hey, I can't find a big fat forum link at the top of the page anymore!! aaaggghhhh!!! I see a little one at the bottom, but no big one! aaaaaaggghhhh!!  :wacko:

It still looks good though, good job :)


I put that navigation bar back at the top. You were right -- it's much more convenient that way.

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They don't seem slower to me.

On a different note do you think you will ever put a rating system on the buildings here, like at glass steel and stone?  Granted you can rate Houston buildings there, but not everyone from here goes there.

I don't see why not. I did it once, it shouldn't be too hard to do it again. I'll try to work on it over the weekend.

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