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A Call For Help

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I request your help for my grandma. She is in dire need of Vioxx and it is the only remedy that provides her relief without side effects. She had both knees replaced quite a few years ago. One knee replacement was unsuccessful and the knee is extremely painful; and the other was only moderately successful, and is somewhat painful. She was on Vioxx for over 2 years and doing quite well until they pulled it from the market. She has tried other pain relievers, and they either don't work or have adverse side effects. One pain reliever caused her to be weak and dizzy. Two weeks ago, she was dizzy from the side effects and tripped and fell, hit her head and required a few stitches.

Her doctors don't know what else to do for her to relieve her pain. Her two primary doctors have now told her (off the record), that if they were her, that they would take Vioxx. Considering that she is 84 years of age, a potential, long-term future increased risk of heart disease is outweighed by current pain.

We have found by asking, that a few people have some Vioxx that they have not taken or destroyed, so we are asking friends if they have or know of anyone who has some Vioxx that we can give to her.

Please PM me if you can help.

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You might try giving her something and telling her its Vioxx....old people can get mentally obsessed with a particular medication. My grandma swears up and down that generics aren't as good as the name brand stuff....even though everybody knows they're identical.

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