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Houston Architecture Blogs Testing


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Looks good. Is it too complicated to add a little box showing the last 5 updated threads of the forum? That might be a good way to get more people involved here.

Also, I'm not a "blogger" so I have to ask, are blogs editorals (opinion based) or are they reports (factual based)?


As part of the blog rollout, I'm also putting together a new front page for Houston Architecture Info that will look like Glass Steel and Stone. It will include the most recently updated blog entries, as well as the most recent posts. Or at least, I hope it will. Since I didn't design the database for the forum, it's a little hard for me to understand. I'm not a programmer. But I'll give it my best shot.

As for blog content, it's a mixture of news and comment. Here's a guideline I mentioned earlier:

The blog should be a combination of news tidbits and insights on what is going on. Great pains should be taken NOT to reprint newspaper stories. I've had enough problems with lawyers threatening copyright lawsuits this year, I don't need any more.

Here's a quick, and very incomplete rule of thumb for the blog: If what you're writing is a fact that most people won't know, try to mention the source, or somewhere people can look it up. If you're stating your opinion, make it pretty clear that it's your opinion. Let people know outright if you have to. Don't present opinions as facts. Optinion posts are more than welcome, but they should be well-reasoned. Think of it as the editorial section of the newspaper.

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