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  1. LOLOL. I lived in Porter in those days, back when Porter was a flashing yellow light on old 59. Then 7 mi back in the woods. I woke up in more than one ditch. Good thing I knew all the cops by name lol OH... I would kill for a picture of Wells Fargo and Western Swing ( mrmystre@gmail.com)
  2. HAHA.. Remember one of the nights I was in Wells Fargo. Had been drinking Mexican tequila out in the parking lot before the doors opened. I went in at 8pm, ordered a drink went in the bathroom got sick, passed out under the urinal, came to long enough to crawl out and across the dance floor. Cop was standing by where you payed cover charge, I crawled right by them, laughing at me. Crawled out in the parking lot, passed out in the back of my El Camino. The photographer was a friend, had a shitload of empty longnecks put all around me passed out, and took pictures. Took great joy in showing those pics to any date I brought in. Curious if any of you might remember Chuck from Western Swing. Just one of the good ol boy regular crowd. Had the memorable, Chuck and Lindas Nuptuil Barbque Bash lol. I was in that dang club 6 nights a week, closed on Monday's HAHA.. 2am down the street to Denny's. Most fun I ever had, and met the best dang dance partner I could hope for, and were still dancing 30 years later. As Merle asked " are the good times really over?"
  3. LoL was at Moe and Joes on opening night. Wife and her friends were frequent flyers at Fools Gold.. Ya Moe and Joes was on 1960.
  4. I joined the board just to reply to this post LOL. I was a very regular customer at Western Swing and before that opened Wells Fargo. I spent a whole lot of hours dancing to Randy Corner and Texas Cooking with Freddy Pate. If you do remember Western Swing and that OUTSTANDING Band, you might like to know that Freddy Pate plays regularly in Jennings, La. It is in a very old movie theater, once a month for a primarily geriatric crowd and still unbelievably good. My wife and I, married for 30 years this year, met in Western Swing, our first date was Gilleys. We were the "in crowd" dancers in Western Swing, there everynight except for Monday when they were closed. When we went and met Freddy in Jennings, he still remembered us. Also interesting we went and saw Randy Corner about a year ago in a small bar in Spring, Tx (cant remember name of place, somethingShack) and Randy is almost blind now, but can still play guitar like NOBODYS BUSINESS.. he hasnt lost his touch either, if anything he is better now. ... if you ever heard Randy do you remember songs like "Heart Dont Fail Me Now"? I spent a lot of hours two stepping to Randy Corner and Debbie Sue. I remember when Alabama filled in on a Thursday night when Texas Cookin' was off. The crowd was so disappointed LOL. This was before anyone had heard of Alabama. Would some nights cruise on down Airline and go to Dance Town, a big BYOB dancehall, burned down too now I guess. Remember seeing Gene Watson there, watching my father in law Waltz with his wife. He is long gone now, and she has alzheimers and the long ago memories of that very Waltz. Its a shame these old places are gone. I was reading online someone trying to explain the beginnings of Western Swing, saying it was just a few months prior to Urban Cowboy's release. Boy is that wrong, we were dancing the night away long before John Travolta ever heard of Mickey Gilley LOL. Anyway, I thought i would share a memory with you others that can remember that dancehall called Western Swing. Everytime i drive by West Road, I remember a lot of good times including the first time I saw my future wife across that hardwood dancefloor. I remember all the regulars that danced many a night away with 25cent Lonestar longnecks and Thurs nights with free beer. Good times attached is a current picture of Freddie Pate ... still one ugly man HAHAHA but a heart of gold
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