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  1. The other magnet for transients are the 3 bunkhouses in Midtown. Do a sex offender search on their addresses and you will be surprised. Midtown is now a magnet for the homeless. You would think the management district would care since the tax-paying residents fund them, but based on what I witnessed during the last evening meeting they do not. Yet another example of an unaccountable (quasi) government agency.
  2. Lately I've noticed a mass increase in what I call "random" traffic. These are people that I typically do not see on a daily basis walking their dogs or kids, running, jogging, etc. So in the past few weeks I've noticed on an ongoing basis: - Skinhead fellow with tattoos on right shoulder, baggy pants that hang below his boxers. - On the streets of Austin and Caroline. - Female wandering in the middle of the road (Austin at Tuam intersection) screaming out for someone or something named Zachery (My neighbors also watched this individual get slapped around by a man living in 2818 Austin st.) - Maroon van with Georgia plates almost permanently parked on Caroline. - Increase in foot traffic by individuals wearing "head scarves" on Austin street. (with optional white towel...) Has anyone else noticed a sharp increase in this type of foot traffic? Has anyone experienced any recent property thefts or attempted theft in the past few weeks? Something has changed in the past month or two (new flophouse, rehab, crack-house, drug-dealer) because I have not witnessed a significant increase in this type of traffic in this amount of time since I moved here 10 years ago. What is weird is if I head east down Dennis or Tuam past Crawford I do not see anything approaching the same level of traffic or characters. (lucky you) It just seams to be concentrated in the areas between LaBranch and San Jacinto and Dennis and Anita. I caught something on the news over the weekend about how one Atlanta neighborhood is using Twitter, Live camera feeds and other web resources to quickly notify residents and the police of suspicious activity and crime. I think HAIC is a good tool to let others know if you've experienced a property theft of witness suspicious activity.
  3. The next Midtown Management District Meeting is an Evening meeting and will be held at 6:00pm Wednesday, February 4th in the Central Bank
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