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  1. Don't fall for the Elysian demolition BS spewn about on the interweb, even the key political players in the re-route are careful when mentioning that Project.  Engineering is not done, and all cost and schedule estimates will change based on the fnal engineering estimates, and it doesn't get faster or cheaper.  The bums on Washington will probably see two marathons before that demolition:

    Elysian Aqueduct Project Detail

  2. Commercial boulevards will replace neighborhood streets on the new race courses unveiled Wednesday by the Houston Marathon Committee.  The new route eliminates the north portion of the races in the Heights and adds 2 miles on Kirby.


    "It's a 'good news, good news' situation as far as I'm concerned, Mayor Annise Parker said Wednesday.


    When contacted about the course change Fifth Ward elected representative Ed Gonzalez seemed unaware his district included part of the former route stating “The new light rail line is set to bring growth and prosperity to our district and joggers are welcome, during daylight hours.”


    Parker went on to say “the new route on Washington Avenue takes full advantage of our new parking law, plus the race gets to the all-important Rice University area a full hour earlier.”


    Bellaire elected representative Ellen Cohen whose district also includes a nub of the Greater Heights agreed with Parker stating “It’s a win-win for sure.  Washington Avenue is actually very peaceful that time of day and the service staffs can now watch the race after work rather than at home.  And I am sure my Christian friends in the Heights will appreciate an easier ride to church that Sunday.”


    Calls seeking comment were not returned from the Houston Heights Association, of course, but the Woodland Heights Civic Association issued this statement: “First she pulls the plug on Lights in the Heights law enforcement support, then the City attorney ceases enforcement of deed restrictions, what’s next, bi-weekly trash pick-up?” 


    Houston Solid Waste Management Director Harry J. Hayes responded saying “Miss Parker told me say nothing about that, so that's what I have to say, nothing.”

  3. Red, maybe that's all it is....regurgitation....I've tried but I still don't get wtf he's talking about but it sounds important, and he is absolutely obsessed with it for some reason.  I "think" it is about Other People's Time And Money and what they should do with it.  Or maybe it's some sort of political statement but I don't think so since he is obviously not involved in local politics.  Eh, I'll go with partial regurgitation from various unattributed sources.

  4. I hope everyone who has been through the COA process takes the time to give feedback to City Council through briekel because from what I see going down, Council is completely out of the loop on this monster they created.  The Mayor sees to it that Gafrick filters all communication coming out of Planning, so if you don't bypass the system and communicate directly you won't know who to vote for in November.  Some in this group think the process is no problema, some like me think it's the biggest hosing any property owner in Houston could endure.  But I just see the horrific meetings and many posters here don't even watch those, so how bad or good is it?  What does it cost it in extra time, treasure and control of your dreams?  Is the staff professional?  Does the Director of Planning really lie right to owners' faces like she did in the town hall meetings?  If it is as bad as I suspect, then a stack of emails delivered directly to Council will force accountability.  Then we will see where each of these politicians stands.  If everything is going swimmingly, then Parker was right on May 1.

  5. Like so many others, I came to Houston to make a career but I screwed up and made a life instead.  When I realized what I had done it was too late.  My kids are Houstonians, my closest friends, business contacts...all Houstonians.  I appreciate folks wanting to go home or retire in a mountain valley or on a beach, but that tells me more about them than it does about Houston.  Me, I'm retiring CLOSER to the med center.  And at the end of it all, I'm going to be planted near the banks of Buffalo Bayou in the shadow of American General, with "Houstonian" inscribed on my rock.

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  6. Watching, listening, reading and occasionally participating in local politics I have concluded that this neighborhood is politically castrated.  The 2011 redistricting was the coup de grace that ended the modern-day ascendancy of the Heights as a political force which began in the late 80’s with the election of Kathy Whitmire as mayor followed by Bob Lanier in 1991.  The Lanier administration focused on redevelopment of inner-city neighborhoods and we saw major infrastructure improvements in the 1990’s from streets to sewerage to lighting.  Crime was targeted with anti-gang policing and police sub-stations and the reclamation of our parks.  At the time it seemed everything good in Houston started in the Heights, true or not.


    Now I am not even sure we are part of Houston anymore.  Our eastern half is “represented” by Ed Gonzalez from Lindale who could care less about this side of I-45 while our western half is represented by Ellen Cohen who can win re-election by virtue of her Jewish political support in the southwest and progressive support from Montrose, just don’t annoy Mayor Parker.  In an interview two weeks ago with the WSJ (The Modern American Boomtown), Parker goes on about Houston, apparently forgetting that the Heights is still part of it: “Like Texas as a whole, Houston sells itself as "business friendly," and Ms. Parker ticks off the attractions—ease of permitting, unobtrusive regulations and low taxes. She also supports Houston's limited restrictions on land use, which some here call its real secret sauce. Without zoning, Houston can adjust to shifting market demands—whether for townhouse complexes or retail outfits—faster than most any other city. It looks unwieldy to anyone of the urban-planning persuasion, but it also keeps prices down.  Tory Gattis, who writes the Houston Strategies blog, says: "I'd argue we may be the most libertarian city in America. Live and let live; strong property rights; not much corruption; small business culture."  Not in this neighborhood, not anymore, not with her beloved HAHC in firm control.


    There’s an old song with a line it “I’ve been all around and I’ve asked both sexes, don’t go to Houston if you wanna see Texas.”  Not being from Texas originally, I always liked that line and thought it true.  I may not be a Texan, but I am definitely a Houstonian since 1992, and I have always loved this city since my first visit in 1972.  Nowadays don’t go to the Heights if you wanna see Houston, at least the Houston Parker brags about nationally.


    To understand just how disenfranchised the Greater Houston Heights now is, you must understand this mayor and see through all her BS about property rights.  What she really thinks is hinted at with the redneck quote here (Annise Parker changes Houston from 'redneck white city' to 'boomtown').  You see she’s part of the Montrose progressive intelligentsia and that ilk knows what’s best for us in the Heights.  Divide with re-districting and conquer with social engineering via the HAHC zoning board: out with the families and working stiffs (aka rednecks), in with the DINKS and empty nesters.  Funny how I don’t ever remember modern Houston being White and Redneck, but Mayor Parker once fancied us so and now has “fixed” the problem just like you fix a steer.  The Heights is impotent as a political force.  Steal our property rights, no politician cares.  Organize RUDH against Walmart, no politician cares.  Don’t want Kroger to get a 380, no politician cares.  Want a nice baseball park for your kids, no politician cares.  Try for a seat on the HAHC, no politician cares.  Want some help in Washington, call Sheila Jackson Lee and see how much she cares for your redneck white neighborhood.

  7. As he should, same as if I loaned you money for an obligation, but you'd have to pay back in cash.  I imagine Airbanger gets paid back in reduced obligations (such as tax) since that's all the City borrowed from him, obligations.

  8. Edit: Of the anti-ordinance folks here, who thinks the route to go is to attempt to take back the decision making process by working within the current set-up using political force?  Conversely who thinks the system is stacked internally against us at he local level and repeal is the only hope to save the neighborhood we love and own? We are watching a political faction intent on societal engineering using property law in a city where central zoning is prohibited by law. I really want to hear the pros and cons of both because we can't fight this divided.




    The Freak Show continues, time to contact Bradford's committee about Elliot's poor performance...from CM Cohen (emphasis hers):


    Good Afternoon,


    Thank you for contacting our office regarding appointments to the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission (HAHC).


    City Council was previously informed that Position 11 on the HAHC would be open to nominations, as its current member was term-limited. The incumbent was first appointed in 2008 to fill an unexpired term, and then served two full terms after that. However, just this week, City Attorney David Feldman reviewed the ordinance and notified Council that:


    “Since the limit on consecutive terms [in Sec. 33-212©] specifically refers to full terms, then one could fill an unexpired term and three consecutive full terms, in succession.”


    Given this new information, and relying on historical precedent, which provides for the re-nomination of existing volunteers, Council Member Cohen will be re-nominating Mr. Doug Elliot to Position 11.


    Council nominations are considered by the Ethics, Elections, & Council Governance Committee, which is chaired by Council Member Bradford. Like all Council Committee meetings, they are open to the public.


    We regret any inconvenience or confusion to interested parties caused by the erroneous information originally provided to us. If you should have any additional questions, please contact our office.




    Office of Council Member Cohen

    District C


  9. You can see the Heights of old getting devoured by the elitists in the latest video (May 16 HAHC).  They introduce the latest freak, a Ms. Anna Mod (I kid you not) who took over the socialite's spot.  This woman couldn't get her hand up fast enough to make motions....and step back if she didn't beat someone to it because she was gonna get that Second if she had to chew your am off.  Then the deaf guy finally wakes up from the dead and starts asking all sorts of questions, I couldn't understand any of it until riiiiiiight before adjournment he makes a last-second motion (I guess he had to ambush MsMod) nominating the gay guy for Chair.  Well Garfick about chokes and shuts him down waving her arms trying to make signs and all cause it wasn't on agenda.....priceless.  But he sad part was watching this lady on Cottage get toasted...the worst kinda way...the dreaded deferral of guillotine.  This family of three been living in Norhill for 16 years in a little 2-1 and the in-laws are getting old so they want to add-on and bring them in...classic Heights, three gens under one roof.  But noooooooo...you see the addition gonna look too much like the original....you gotta go all-in you wanna still live here...getya one of those big boxes tacked on the  ass-end....yeah send the in-laws to the second story, the HAHC knows what's best for you and how much you need to spend.  I wanted to cry.

  10. Wow, we are making progress with sm...he finally realizes it's the ordinance that is the problem...I am going to get through the inertia of apathy using historically accurate political theatre. Get the pitchforks, Elliot's got to go.

  11. So we have a little intrigue at the palace and it's all about power.  The HAHC are pieces on the board.  This Gafrick has been around too long and I suspect her of pulling most of the strings.  This woman has lied right to CoA applicants faces and then turned tables on them.  (Heck, she lied to all of us and tried to pull a fast one on the windows thing until we shot her down at the PC.)  I have advocated on behalf of various applicants (never pass an opportunity to hone communication skills) and I've heard the stories from contractors representing the little folk up there.  It's like a snake pit...Gafrick has finally run off all the seasoned Planning bureaucrats and has full control over staff, but she has to play the HAHC. 


    The rat on the Commission is Douglas Elliot....remember the dweeb that shot down Kelman's CoA told her to "go the demo route"?  If you watch the videos month to month you can see a pattern with this guy and his strings go right back to Gafrick.  After all that mess, he felt the pressure (Bucek went to the PC meeting on Elliot's behalf and was roasted for lying) and word was Elliot was stepping down at the end of his term.  So they fill all the term-limited positions first and CM Cohen "understands" from Gafrick that Elliot's position though not term-limited will open up.  Then the snake-charmer finds out who CM Cohen is nominating, and all of a sudden the dweeb is staying put.  I say fine, let's have fun kicking him for another year, making him the YouTube fool.  I wrote in this space almost a year ago that if we wanted to take back our neighborhood we would have to go after these carpet baggers personally.  Well it's time.  Either he goes now under pressure from our email barrage to Council or he goes later, tar, feathers and on a rail.

  12. Let your voice be heard, this is not the Obama administration so don't worry about reprisals.  So many times I watched one or two misguided fools on the HAHC hold sway over that group.  All it would take is one or two normal people on the HAHC willing to explain in simple terms the consequences of some of these idiotic votes, and we can take back our neighborhood.  I need some help.

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  13. Here is all I said:


    "If 19th street was full of stores from the mall, people wouldn't be beating each other over the head to buy a house in the Heights."


    The obvious point was that if the retail section of 19th street looked like a chunk of Willobrook Mall, the neighborhood would not be getting the huge premium it is getting......


    Both of these statements are foolish.  Attributing all of the value and interest in the Heights to 19th Street is asinine.  19th Street was here and a lot nicer long before you and all the other value chasers ever arrived.

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