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  1. One little-mentioned advantage of PEX is that it can be installed using very few sharp turn connectors hence better overall water flow.
    When I ran the lines to and from the water heater and supply manifolds, I had to wind the tubing through the overhead, through the ceiling trusses and around and sometimes through insulation, but I needed no connectors in the entire run. I can sweat copper, too, but there was no way I could have run copper without taking much of the ceiling down.

    The IP referred to

  2. DrFood forgot to mention that there was a Globe store on North Shepherd at the corner of Donovan directly across the street from St. Pius High School. This is the location today of the 911 Emergency Center. One would think from the fence around the place now that gold was kept there like Fort Knox. I made many trips to the Globe grocery department with our housekeeper/baby sitter in the early 60's. I thought the conveyer that the groceries were placed on and sent to the front of the store where one could then pull up in his car to have an employee load them directly into the trunk (or back of the station wagon) was cool.

    There was also a Shoppers Fair on N. Shepherd at the corner of Westcross which is a short street that connects Crosstimbers with N. Shepherd where Crosstimbers veers south before intesecting N. Shepherd and becomes 43rd west of Shepherd.

    Shopper's Fair was the first "discount store" that I can remember being in Houston. However, I think it was located on Donovan when it first opened, and then moved or reopened at the Westcross location later after Globe took over the Donovan location.

    I worked at Globe on Bellaire and Bissonnet in '71. All I can say about the company is that it was a job. My grandmother worked for Danburg's on Yale, and later at Weiner's on 11th and Shepherd. Globe fit right in with those two stores as to how they treated their employees. I was most happy to leave the place.

  3. PEX is a great idea. You have to buy that special crimp tool
    Not necessarily. SharkBite fittings don't require a crimping tool. You just push the tubing into the fitting and it is good to flow.

    PEX tubing sizes correspond to CPVC sizes. That means with a 1/2" coupling, you can put 1/2" CPVC in one end, and 1/2" PEX in the other.

    Crimp fittings are cheaper, and if you do plumbing for a living, or plan to do a very large job, buying the tools would be worth it. My job was relatively small, so I went with the non-crimping fittings.

    BTW, tac0meat, I get a kick out of your name because every time I see it, I think of "Eating Rauol".

  4. I made another discovery recently on the UT Library site. They have begun scanning Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and putting them on the site. They are just now in the Bs, so Austin and Bastrop maps are there for viewing.

    These maps show buildings, the type of construction, and conditions pertaining to fire safety, such as water tanks (for fire extinguishing) and whether a man is on premises 24 hours.

    What is neat is to see how the city evolved in the period from 1885 to 1921, the dates the maps cover for Bastrop. It also shows how some things don

  5. Are there any maps from this time that show more to the north? I'm trying to find an old map of where I live, but it's JUST to the north of where the map cuts off
    Look at the corners of the map as well as right in the middle of all sides. The name there is the name of the adjacent map. As I said, the name of the map showing downtown Houston is
  6. Glad you finally posted! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I passed by and saw that big fella. I just knew he was one of them as soon as I caught sight of him. I only remember going to the South Main restaurant once, but passed by it often, I went to the place in Richmond many times, and we saw Williams there on a number of occasions. My granddad knew him pretty well.

  7. A major reason Christians try to spread their belief is one, they're commanded to. But more importantly, they want unbelievers to have the same salvation they have. It would be hateful to withhold information that could save them eternally. If I was unaware of such hope, I'd want someone to tell me the same thing.
    So, are you saying that Christians stick their noses into everybody else
  8. When George Washington writes a document from the battlefield to one of his generals and that document is preserved, that is not hearsay; it is a primary source, one of many. It can be traced backwards from the possession of one person to the next, can be corroborated by other unrelated historical evidence, and thereby can be reasonably verified as authentic.
    How about the other document the Washington wrote telling how badly he screwed up and how he made a number of bad decisions? As far as I know, there wasn
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