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    Watching the ever changing Landscape of my Hometown of Pasadena,Texas. Our Ethnic makeup has changed a great deal in the last 10 years, and with that change also comes Architecural changes as well. City Government and how it works for or against me.

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  1. Nathan, I grew up a block away from some of your aunts and uncles that lived on Harrop St. Dr. B as we called him delivered me into this world July 1956. and was Our families doctor. I have lived thru all the stories of your Grand father, but knew the gentler side of him. I remember I December of 1976 that I almost killed myself trying to Locate Dr. B. my sister was in a bad way delivering her 1st child. I drove like a madman to his home behind the Old Woolco store. I later found out that he was driving all the way in from San Antonio to help save my sister's life. I know all the Bad , but He was a Man we all Loved and Respected. He even refused to accept his doctor fee from Momma for any of Our doctor visits. Thought I would share with you something kinder than what you had to live thru. Dr. B. had his Demons but he once was a Kind Hearted Man / Family Doctor as well.
  2. A post from a Pasadena Facebook Citizen. " Mark Wright 9 hrs Just received an email from the Bay Area Houston Business Development Update: Pasadena Economic Development Corporation purchased a former bank building on the corner of Pasadena Blvd. at Southmore Blvd. and plans to demolish the building and sell the 4.8-acre site. The 12-story building was built in 1962. It will take approximately four months for the remediation and the demolition." The Tall Lady of Pasadena " Texas has been declared an eyesore and is slated for demolition, after the Asbestos has been removed. I am going to Miss her.
  3. Yes in deed Our Tall Lady of Pasadena is in Danger. Hurricane Ike has put this beautiful structure one giant step closer to a wrecking ball. A Friend on Pasadena City Council informed me that the Bank Tower has changed hands once more. With our current economic worries clouding our minds, saving great architecture opens the door & makes way for another fast food joint. I have voiced at City Council meetings countless times that something needs to be done at the cities level to protect our architectural Past for Our Future, as have many others.
  4. I have been meaning to talk to City Councilmember JJ Isbell, he has spoken to me several time about how the Firm that owns the 1st Pasadena State Bank Building wanted to Restore and reopen. I fear this damage will push him toward tearing her down or he might be able to get hold of some FEMA money, to pay for Demolition.
  5. Oh My, why build something so big so blasted close to the road. Stucco in the houston area, not a good thing. Too much Security fence no one in their right mind is gonna steal that house.
  6. The Old Pasadena Dog Pound Site on Hwy 225 before you get to Beltway 8, still has an Original Refinery Logo on it and is also sporting the old sage green paint that once was a signature city color.
  7. Great Photos, Thank You for Sharing them with us all I sure am Proud to see so many other folks that Love This Graceful Lady of Pasadena as much as I do. The Resigned former Mayor of Pasadena, John Manlove, could not be moved to answer my questions about what was in the Future for the Bank Building. I was told by Council Woman Dana Philibert that the Chamber of Commerce could better answer my concerns but that was a dead end. I will make a point of asking our new Mayor Jack Douglass, at our next Council Meeting. The developer that bought the former Bankone Location has just barely maintained the Landscape. I hope someone has it in the works to revitalizing the Building. Our Skyline won't be be the same without her, my Vote is for City Hall to move in and Save Our Tall Lady of Pasadena.
  8. Well Thank You for the merge,I had misplaced the location of this original Thread. I finally found out how to add my photo file to e-mails ( new Camera No Skills ) How do you all add your photos as a picture and not as a few words and numbers to download. I want to add more but I only have 90.65k left to use for photos. Have a Great Day Folks ,Come on Over to the Dark Side and Visit 2nd largest city in Harris County,Pasadena,Texas Your Neighbors South East Harris County Population 149,000 plus >
  9. The Grand Lady of Pasadena, Texas Built in 1963 Landmark Our 1st Skyscraper Pasadena Blvd @ Southmore Ave. Many of you all in Houston only see Pasadena from Hwy 225 be a little adventurous, hey we have been to your hometown! We have our show place neighborhoods and a few slummy areas, we are still in the infantcy of Our Developement.
  10. Why have so many of you never spoken of the Magnificent Mansions of River Oaks and surrounding Suburbs. One Christmas Lighting drive years ago I was driving through River Oaks and came across a Beautiful Home being built along a Street there I assume was along the Bayou. The Home in question was on a very long lot and was French inspired five or more garage and servants quarters over them. Visited in later years to see a finished Mansion, very well appointed and Elegant. Anyone else in here love the Homes of the Movers and Shakers of Houston? Don't get me wrong Imma Hoggs Mansion is beautifull as are many of the of Oaks neighbors. Old Money in Houston has moved into highrises and new money or baby boomers are building everywhere else. Share photos of your Choice Mansions or Homes of Houston worth a mention.I hope to get by there once more with a camera to show you all a Mansion in River Oaks I fell in Love with. I went over to mapquest and I found the Mansion I referred to on Wllowick Rd. @ Knollwood, the ariel view is awe inspiring the pool is massive and the home sits on several acres. also I saw a very well manicured lawn surrounding a home right in front of the River Oaks Country Club.Know the Mansion?
  11. Seeing it almost finished, I am a little less unapproving as I was at first. A Little more Oldworld Style would have made me like it more , but since I am not Catholic I guess my Vote means nothing. I would have built on a bigger parcel of land with some Original 100 year+ old Oaks and used more natural Texas Granite as was used for Our State Capital Building, that one has massive Style going for it. I would love to visit it around Christmas time for a Mass or Classical Christmas Concert.
  12. Thanks 'jmancuso' for the Northern view of the 1st Pasadena State Bank Building in Pasadena,Texas. She is a Beauty isn't she, Spared from a wrecking Ball, Yahoo!!!!!
  13. Hello G Team what was the view like up there on the 12th Floor? I once had a bank account there when it was Mbank or Bank one but I never got past the Lobby level. How was the Inside Styled, Frank Lloyd Style fixtures or anything note worthy. Besides all the bad stuff any great Memories? Were you Freaked out during high Wind days and feel the Building Sway as a earlier post stated.
  14. Yahoo The First Pasadena State Bank Building has been Saved she has a New Bright Future, that is as long as our City Fathers don't mess up it's Revitalization plans. the Company K Realty Development of Houston purchased the Tall Lady for only 1.2 Million. If any of you know this firm, Please keep me up to date with anything you might read or hear and see about the Fate of Our Skyscraper. The President of the Company K Realty Developement, Kyle D. Tauch,is quoted saying our Tall Lady is much to nice a piece of Architicture to tear down, and his Company site Boasts of success in bring ideas to be Realities. God Bless him if he keeps her standing PROUD, and God Help him if he doesn't.
  15. Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:50 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote from PasadenaTexas.com Forum by member ggstro "There was an article in the Chronicle a couple of weeks ago I believe that said that someone had bought the building and was planning on redeveloping that area with the help of the city administration. I believe Manlove also mentioned this in his state of the city address. So it is my understanding, that area is getting a facelift, and the building will not get torn down." "My Prayers have been answered if this indeed is true."
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