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Status Updates posted by bachanon

  1. it's finally over!! i hope i never ever ever have to immerse myself in a college level accounting class!

  2. woo hoo! next to the last accounting test done! final exam....tomorrow evening.

  3. "super 8" was super great! ..........polyester has come a long way.

  4. happy 4th haifers!

  5. happy mother's day mom's. you're the best!

  6. hello gorgeous! (looking outside...opening windows)

  7. ooohh....basketball. the media keeps saying "final four" like i should know what it is....

  8. what is this "final four".........

  9. merry christmas haifers!

  10. i noticed your first post. welcome to the fray! the more the merrier.



  11. any opinions on "the molly ringwalds"?

    1. Porchman


      If you're mean Molly and the Ringwalds...fun cover band, fun dance band.

  12. if a realtor asks to perform "due diligence" researching a property, will they expect something in return?

    1. TheNiche


      Red flag. The Realtor's payment is contingent upon the transaction going through. That would be a conflict of interest, seeing as how the due diligence process tends to kill deals.

    2. bachanon
  13. time to check in on sookie!

  14. wow, smarmy is an actual word.....

  15. please do not rain at dusk in the woodlands area...

  16. nice!! lookin' good.

  17. my heart hurts just thinking of niche's custom pizza....ouch

    1. TheNiche


      I ate the whole thing in a single sitting, drowned it with a 40oz King Cobra, and it was GOOD. Feeling fine.

  18. air conditioning is good.....

  19. well, except for the big balls. ;)

  20. your spaghetti monster reminds me of elsworth toohey's "headless monster - prestige". toohey is lecturing keating about the collectivist world to come..."A world in which man will not work for innocent an incentive as money.....The approval of his fellows-their good opinion-the opinion of men who'll be allowed no opinion. An octopus, all tentacles and no brain." well, ...

  21. you get five stars just for being you!

  22. you rock niche! five stars all the way.

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