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  1. Name calling and personal attacks are not allowed. I'm tired of monitoring your posts. Follow the rules of conduct for HAIF or the moderators will begin issuing warning points; too many warnings will lead to expulsion from the site.

  2. i really really wish i lived in the city! dissatisfaction precedes motivation..

  3. HAIF Facebook page about to hit 1000...

  4. are any haifers competing in the ironman triathlon tomorrow?

  5. i think i'm addicted to development announcements. when there aren't any, i feel like i need a fix.

  6. am i the only person NOT at toyota center?

  7. Have you "liked" haif on facebook? Check us out.

  8. it's cold and wet!!

  9. Not sure I can keep up this pace!!! Too......much..... shopppp.....ing.

  10. seriously? does grogan's mill need a dairy queen? DQ going in at south millbend and grogan's mill.

    1. Geoff8201


      Really!?!That's awesome! ... I mean, I'm sorry to hear that...

  11. so done with study time!

  12. ahhhh rain.....

  13. It is so nice out!

  14. .........how is it that texas homeowners have little to no recourse in the courts when they have a beef with a new home builder? would you believe it if someone said the obama administration created a system of arbitration so that their supporters would be protected from lawsuits by private citizens?


  15. .....i will be reveling with my mau at this time tomorrow!!

  16. It's raining in Grogan's Mill. Yes!

  17. Kim Son The Woodlands now open......my new favorite lunch spot.

  18. ATTENTION TEXAS AND SURROUNDING AREAS.. they NEED FIREMEN!!!! Begging for retired and any fireman to call number to help. We were short 25 fireman last night. Cannot contain town of Bastrop, 35 miles away...fire is 16 miles long, 6 miles wide, jumped Colorado river, evacuated entire town and also neighborhood called Steiner ranch of 5500* PLEASE EVERYONE REPOST EVEN IF NOT IN TEXAS.. SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS MAY BE. HELP!! Call 512-978-1187 Please REPOST

  19. Mnap time.....zzzzzzzz

  20. I may not remember what they look like, but I think I see storm clouds to the north and east of The Woods...

  21. thinking of friends and family on the east coast! hang in there!!

  22. how i hate the mall

  23. 88 degrees at 10pm.....the suck!

  24. "we don't have a lot of time on this earth; we weren't meant to spend it this way. human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day." - words of wisdom from the movie "office space".

  25. RIP amy winehouse...so sad

    1. Trae


      She should have went to rehab instead of saying no no no, to be honest...

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