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  1. Did your parents get married or have a reception there? Happen to have any photos?
  2. Oh wow, someone else remembers Bangs! Tell me more. I found an entry on 4504 Richmond in 1957, and one on 4504 Bissonnet in 1964. There were two locations.
  3. We've been going to Little Pappasitos since the early 90's. That may have been right around they opened, but not sure.
  4. Ditto. It was a field before it was Auchan's. The beltway right there was Roark Rd then. Just a two-lane blacktop. The buildings and apartments on the other side of the beltway were there much longer.
  5. Thanks for the link! I've always said it would make a great greenspace if it can't be saved. Checking out the link I saw this comment: Brilliant! That would be really cool, if technically feasable.
  6. Yep, that photo is sweet. Thanks for posting. One of the better ones I've seen aside from the one in the Chronical article.
  7. What happened to Sparky? Is she still around? Did you have trouble attaching your photo? Was it the same one Sparkey posted a while back?
  8. Is the map you're looking at available online?
  9. Toddle Houses in 1973. Thought there would have been more than that at that time, but this is all I found in the directory. 701 Elgin 4321 Montrose 3330 Richmond 9101 Main At the same time, there were the following Dobb's Houses: 2800 Terminal Rd - A & B 3515 Westheimer 4908 San Felipe 4802 Richmond 8611 Memorial Dr 4331 Old Spanish Trail 2319 W Holcombe 7895 Hillcroft 4005 N Braeswood 7905 Long Point
  10. Is this the location? Perhaps the original image is still under there. Summit Flooring sign
  11. What I find offensive are posts that contribute absolutely nothing to the topic, but instead, are offered merely to ridicule others. Sef: sorry, I didn't see the little "report" button that was right in front of me.
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