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  1. The Galleria in the 1980s !!! You're welcome!!
  2. It's a separate building that will house a planned Chanel and Cartier store. I think The Galleria is simply suggesting what kind of stores they will be leasing space to in the Saks expansion. They have been closing and relocating quite a few stores to accommodate more desirable stores, same was done when the Nordstrom and Foleys wing opened.
  3. Who called it? Lol. Here is a rendering of what the expansion might look like after Saks relocates.
  4. Forever XXI is taking the former Borders space, I saw the marketing beeing put up infront of the barricade. Its not H&M but alot better than what I expected, Simon has the tendency to lease space to anyone. I expected Burberry to have an entrance facing Westheimer Rd, but it seems like it will not. I hope Louis Vuitton keeps its original plan to have a second entrance.
  5. Yes I beleive I was right, also I notice across the second entrance from Prada another barricade with Louis Vuitton "opening Spring 2012". I'm assuming Louis Vuitton is leasing more temporary space. Maybe one location will hold Men's and another Women's. The old Borders has a barricade up already but no sign of what is opening there. I hope H&M takes that space.
  6. I suspect the Dior space will be used by Louis Vuitton, while the expansion since both Vuitton and Dior are owned by LVMH. Maybe Dior will come back with a rebuild store afterwards.. fingers crossed!!
  7. I hope the Vuitton expansion on to Westheimer does happen. I used to work at The Galleria, our store shared a back corridor with Louis Vuitton and other stores. Right behind Vuitton and Burberry was a huge empty space, Im sure thats the space being expanded on to. Likewise, directly above it behind Puma, Arden.B., and Abercrombie was another empty space. I remember peeking thru a door that read "PLANET HOLLYWOOD" and seeing a huge empty room. Im assuming at one point The Galleria had a "Planet Hollywood"?
  8. That whole back corridor is sketchy.. but Im sure Simon figured that hardly anyone knows or even uses it, so why even invest in it. If Kim Kardashian were a section of the Galleria, she would be Galleria III.. Its worn, dirty, and needs to go.. lol.
  9. Or Saks relocating to the old(er) Macy's, and converting Saks into part of the mall, maybe even a Barneys. It will never happen though. My hopes were crushed when Saks began remodeling about 2/3 years ago. Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston is one of the most profitable, I beleive its a flagship and second largest store(sq ft) in the chain. Also I believe the building itself was designed by some super architect. Saks isnt going anywhere. Louis Vuitton had/has plans to open a bigger store with a second entrance facing Westheimer Rd. Does anyone know anything about it?
  10. Ive always said that the only thing that could save Galleria III is Bloomingdales. Maybe if huge stores for Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Topshop, Mango or Zara would each take space there it would attract more people to walk thru Saks Fifth Avenue. Throw in a restaurant or two and it will be even more inviting. Other malls have the same problem with low foot traffic in hidden/anex sections, the only difference is that theyre not owned by Simon... Who, lets face it should invest more time and money on this billion dollar mall. The whole section needs to be remodeled to match the rest of the mall. New escalators, an elevator, maybe even a water fountain .. why not?
  11. old store - new store avventura - michael kors dolce and gabbana - kate spade pottery barn kids - adidas johnston and murphy old spot - de beers bernini - yves saint laurent versus by versace - bulgari emporio armani - giorgio armani louis taub jewelrs - bottega veneta custom shop - baccarat baccarat - true religion luca luca - missoni alfred dunhill use to be where Johnston and Murphy sits now. Oilily took that spot before it moved to its curent spot. armani exchange was were dior is currently. banana republic was were victorias secret is located eddie baure was located were hollister is well i think thats about right . thats all i remember at the moment
  12. There was NEVER a Rainforest Cafe in the MarqE, the one opening is in the old Beniggans spot. I don't think its going to be as big as the one in Katy. I always wondered why The wasn't like a flagship Rainforest Cafe in Houston since its based there.
  13. Ed Hardy just opened, Adidas will open later this year. Ermenegildo Zegna opens in early 2009. (Finally) also in 2009 Valentino, Guess Footwear, Gilly Hicks (that huge barricade with a dog next to Wet Seal), Hilfiger Denim, Frette, and Cinnabon (will put you in a diabetic comma) will open. Also Adrenalina, Avalon, Fredricks of Hollywood, Sneaker Lab, and Republic of Couture will open. Lilly Pulitzer and Ruehl are long over due.
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