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  1. Anyone using Houston Ave to get downtown now? Just heard it will be closed from Lubbock to 45 July 8 thru Sept.
  2. Thanks for the pics, Visitor. I would love a piece of that railing for my yard.
  3. Thanks h8s and Iron Tiger. Was wondering if the bridge was left open because they couldn't start working on it or what. Wondering how many weeks delay was built into the long schedule or if it's already one week behind.
  4. did the water come over the bridge last week? the long time given to replace the bridge makes me think they will replace the pylons, but the low price makes me think they won't.
  5. Removing the trestle was listed in the Ainbinder (Walmart) 380 as a reimbursable item estimated at $30,000. Obviously, it wasn't done.
  6. 20 minutes ago you said the Heights bridges weren't rehabilitated in 1997 and now you "believe" the Yale Street Bridge was also rehabilitated in 1997? Source? LOL.
  7. I did quote my source. The federal bridge data. Or see here: http://www.houstonheights.org/html/accomplishments.html scroll down to 1997 under Preservation. The Yale Street Bridge is 10 years older now than the Heights bridges were then.
  8. The Heights bridges were either rebuilt or rehabilitated in 1997 according to the federal bridge data. I agree that the Yale Street Bridge should be rehabilitated and not replaced. All of the bridge reports say it should be rehabilitated and not replaced. You are clearly wrong about the anti Walmart crowd about burning down Houston to get rid of Walmart. As far as I can tell, both Walmart and Houston are still here, unburnt.
  9. The Heights bridges were rebuilt like 20 years ago. The Yale Street Bridge is 80 years old. Bridges are designed to last 50 years. How is it getting replaced early? Why don't you get a group of 5 or 6 other people together and see if you can get a perfectly fine bridge closed to prove your point? Please keep us posted on your progress.
  10. Also wrong about the "Walmart NIMBY's" getting it declared historic so Walmart could never replace it. Although Walmart isn't replacing it. The same guy who got the McKee street bridge named historic did that. And it's irrelevant if it's actually been declared historic or just eligible, they still have to follow the same path which included offering it for sale.
  11. If you live near this, keep a close eye on everything. Apparently Fisher built townhomes on a hill in First Ward with no drainage to the street. Completely approved by the City, now has people living in them and washing away the downhill neighbors.
  12. The exit was built as a result of the gvt wanting "shovel-ready" projects to help the economy. If the exit had not been built, neither would the Walmart.
  13. HAHA! Everything that now exists that did not exist before the Walmart was built is caused by the Walmart being built. Who knew?
  14. Sorry, Heights20, the Walmart was built there because of the exit from I10, not the other way around.
  15. It depends on the market. In this case, there were already available options. Walmart should not have gotten an incentive to build. Guys, it's been fun, but I'm taking Augusts advice and doing other things with my time.
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