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Four Houston Center At 1331 Lamar St.

por favor gracias

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I would have to agree with the list above. That's exactly what I would have put down.


I have a few questions...

1. There was a Cullen Bank Tower???

2. What did the Campeau Tower look like? 



1. Yes, it was originally planned to be located at 1550 Smith St, reaching 904 feet and (I think) it was supposed to have a similar crown to the current Continental Center building. According to emporis, it was actually supposed to be called "Cullen Bank Tower II." I can't find a rendering for it, but we will soon have the Chevron building going up in that neck of the woods anyways.


2. I can't find the rendering for it, either...although I think I've seen one before. That said, if what Subdude is saying is true, I would tend to agree with him...and I'd update the list to add a building cluster in the Memorial area of west Houston called Resource Center, even though that was supposed to be three or four buildings.


I also really would have liked to have seen the Shamrock Hotel (although I think this is where 609 Main will be going up), Four Houston Center (55 stories and 860 feet), the Redstone, the Monaco, Five Westlake Park, the First Capital office and apartment towers in the West Loop area and the Boymelgreen Condos at Voss & San Felipe built. I would trade the Mercer in for a bag of Doritos if I could.

2.  I had a picture at one point which I can't locate at the moment.  As I recall it looked vaguely Mayan and wasn't very attractive.  With a location in south downtown it could have struggled to find tenants.  Probably not a huge loss in retrospect. 





Another one I would put on the list would be the other half of the Wedge Tower.


Did not know about that one. Sounds like it could have been a winner.

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