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Entertainment Corridor Designation Coming To Montrose


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At Neartown meeting- COH gave report on community stakeholders input from Midtown residents concerning Entertainment Corridor designation.

Montrose will get one of these soon


The questions concerning sound levels seem to be “lively”, as apparently decibel levels of businesses are increased to 75dB and the distance from sound source and the recipient has increased also. Plus the fines will be increased apparently but the two person HPD team assigned to noise abatement will stay the same.

There is also a proposal to allow Houston Constables to deal with and enforce  COH noise abatement ordinances.


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I have mixed feelings about this. 
Ideally, this designation should have been in effect at least 20 or 30 years ago, when places such as Avant Garden were being harassed for having acoustic music acts. 
COH's Rip Van Winkle approach will be met with resistance from people who have little interest and no memory of when live music actually existed in Montrose. There's a schism between those who would like Montrose to become River Oaks East, and those who would like it to retain some semblance of its days as a lively bohemian neighborhood. 
My current home is near a nightclub, and it does get loud sometimes. However, I knew the nightclub was there when I moved in. Asking them to close down because a neighbor chose to live close by seems unreasonable, so resign myself to a few hours of noise a week. 

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  • The title was changed to Entertainment Corridor Designation Coming To Montrose

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