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Steven Daniels “ Surviving Active Shooter “ presentation November 2

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The Central 1&2 Division of HPD/PIP will be hosting

Steven Danielas he gives his “Surviving active shooter” presentation

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 beginning at 7 pm

1602 State street———Free——-All invited.


Looked up on internet, 277 active shooter events so far in US.


Everyone needs this

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I am posting this link to bring everyone up to date on this crisis. It is still happening …..everywhere. 
As a person who tries very hard to ally with HPD, hoping to find more crime and safety information to share with neighbors- this event seems the most helpful. I Attended this event five years ago. I hope many will attend next week.

Bottom line, active shooting events are impossible to predict. Active shootings continue to occur. Most active shooting events

take 5-7 minutes for individuals involved to realize what is happening and call 9-1-1. => At 7 minutes, th3 majority of active shooting event are finished.

This presentation has been proven to have benefited those survivors of active shootings.

This event is worth what ever it takes to squeeze into your busy schedule.

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