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So Long To The Rubik's Kroger

stan the man

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This is all I could find on this story -- a post on Kroger's Facebook page, but it is only so obvious what is going on here:




Now if Facebook is not your cup of tea, let me tell it like it is: The cutthroat supermarket competition, a glut of traditional Krogers (three newer, nicer stores surrounding it) and other factors beyond its control proved to be too much for the Rubik's Kroger, which I call it because it kept its 80s-era, graphing paper-esque decor well into the 2000s before a low-grade renovation. To that extent, the store is now winding down operations, and this is sure to become an economic hot potato in the SL. Not just because of the jobs (even if they were mostly minimum wage or less), but also a certain five-letter word that has been the bane of many a suburbanite.


As for myself personally, as ubiquitous as it may sound, another relic of my childhood is fading into oblivion. I have been familiar with the store since I moved here as a toddler and as much as progress is a beautiful thing, replacing that space will surely be a challenge and the Settlers Way area of First Colony will never be the same.


While I am not going to speculate, I would place my bets on HMart (or another large Asian grocery store for that matter) taking over. Have yet to see something from the TDLR, but the last thing the good people of First Colony need is something below-grade moving in there.

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