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It wasn't really till maybe 5-6 years ago that i started expanding my musical boundaries beyond what could be heard on the buzz or top40 or radio in general.

I've been a Pandora user for 3-4 months now and it has been a great resource for discovering even more new bands that would go unnoticed.

Between Itunes and every band and their momma having a web presence, it's so easy to sample new music if you know what to look for.

So I figured I would start a HAIF music thread - a place for users to link to maybe 2-3 bands or artists they love that maybe aren't so common.

Let's try to keep this pretty user friendly -

maybe provide a small photo so they pop out on the thread...

try to provide a link to their website that has music samples...

maybe even try to include a short description...

Hopefully this thread will grow, will become a resource and most of us will walk away with new music playing in our heads.

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I would also say.. chances are whatever band you post, someone will have already heard of them. So don't be afraid to post some band out of fear that maybe they aren't new enough. New music isn't the criteria here. Exposure is. I'm sure numerous people have heard of my bands below... but I'm sure there are plenty who havent heard of them since they are essentially ignored on all radio.


Bleu - They describe themselves as Powerpop/Indie. The lead singer has a pretty strong voice, that is either whiny or soulfull depending on your tastes. They also incorporate strings into lots of their songs, which is pretty nice. I would recommend the song "Go" to get a taste of their music.


The National - They describe themselves as Indie/Rock/Alternative. I would describe them as more mellow and percussion-driven indie rock, thats very addictive. I would sample "Fake Empire" to get a taste of their music.


Mute Math - I would consider them Progressive Rock. Very frenetic instrumental sound similar to Muse. They put on a great show and will be back in Houston in a month.

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Cool idea. Pandora and all the other music mixer sites are great ways to build on your library.


Ra- A true rock band with some really introspective lyrics. Low tuned guitars mixed with incredibly strong vocals (which sounds exactly the same live) create a really catchy sound. I would suggest "Sky" (a song that builds continuously to a climax) and "High Sensitivity" to get a feel for their range.


Decyfer Down- Who says Christian music has to be lame? A mix of melodic choruses, heavier rifts and unique vocals come together to form quality sound. I'm usually not a fan of rock bands that have slower songs, but they manage to keep me happy with theirs. A couple good songs to sample would be "Burn Back the Sun" and "Life Again."


Bulletproof Messenger- Another Christian band (I don't listen to them for the fact that they spread a good message, I listen because they really can play). This band uses electronic sound to integrate with melodic rock (no, not like linkin park). The lead singer's voice isn't as distinctive as the first two bands I mentioned but it definitely fits with the music and meshes well. I suggest "Where We All Belong" and "Wake Up Call" to be the first listens.

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I would not say I have a favorite genre. Nor have I used Pandora so I checked it out just now and didn't find a lot of things I would listen to. Either way I haven't tuned into Houston music radio in about 8 years. I have tons of music from all over the world on my player. Some of those are below.

Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits. Mostly uppity/upbeat tunes and cool lyrics. Neat dance moves too:

I could not find anything of decent quality from Butterfly Lovers so here is something else from Liu Fang.

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I had to continue...

Some Bollywood. This is kinda top40ish but I think it's not so much when it is from the other side of the planet. Juggy D:

Lately I've been into this band and their sound. Los Llayras:

I would describe their sound as Andean with Sonidero influences. Or the other way around.

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