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Tornado Devastates Atlanta

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Looks like Atlanta was slammed by a F2 Tornado, it ripped through downtown all the way up through Cabbagetown. Just one hell of a tragedy, it's all over CNN right now. I caught some of it last night, but it was dark, now that's it's daylight, it's just a mess down there.

Yeah, I heard about that but I haven't actually seen anything on the news. I guess I need to tune in. Were there any casualties? I hope there were none or few.

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I was flying into Altanta Friday night -- fortunately was due to arrive about 2.5 hours after the tornado hit. The damage is quite bad in some areas. Downtown is reminiscent of Hurricane Alicia in Houston, although not quite as bad -- but still, lots of windows out on the taller buildings. Over in Cabagetown, a significant portion of one of the five buildings that make up the Fulton Mill Lofts is destroyed. Fortunately that building was the most recent to open in that development, and only a few of the units were occupied. A lot more were under contract but the buyers had not closed yet. It's a shame, as it's an amazing loft condo conversion of a late 19th Century cotton mill, and the lofts were extremely nice. My partner and I came very close to buying a unit in that very building, but decided on Arizona Lofts instead, because the price was a lot better for a very similar loft. Now we're glad we weren't under contract there, as we'd be starting the process over again someplace else. Hopefully they will rebuild the building that was so severely damaged though, as it was a prime example of how to do a conversion of an old industrial site to loft condos right.

Other than that, there are a lot of homes with trees on them in Cabagetown, as well as some with roof and window damage due to the wind. It's amazing that there weren't more serious injuries or any fatalities, as the storm was quite intense and developed with very little warning.

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Just one hell of a tragedy, it's all over CNN right now.

CNN does such an excellent job of letting the rest of the world know what's going on in Atlanta. Every "disaster" and every "major news item" there is covered in detail. You'd think they were based out of Atlanta. Oh yeah...they are! -_-

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