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  1. Here is something recently mentioned on Swamplot. Does anyone know anything about this project? http://www.kirksey.com/project/buffalo_lakes_master_plan Page 10 of this PDF http://www.ridemetro.org/ProjectsPrograms/PDFs/90A_Media_Briefing_020711.pdf shows rail going through the project.
  2. Main Park is a three-building office/warehouse complex located near the Texas Medical Center at 3610-3620 Willowbend Blvd & 11205 South Main St. https://www.fullertx.com/properties/main-park/
  3. Hi all, I'm moving in to Post Oak Manor next month and I had been very concerned about whats going on just behind the neighborhood...then I ran across this: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 960x768 and weights 88KB. I think this is great, and I really hope it creates a natural barrier between Main and the new tollroads to the south. Does anyone know what the current project status is? Also, any useful info about Post Oak Manor and Willowbrook / WillowBend would be great. Does Post Oak Manor have an active Civic club? Thanks
  4. Noticed this on JLL's website. This is outside of UT's 307-acres on Willowbend Blvd. The executive summary mentions it's a premium infill location. Also mentions TMC3 and Levit Green since TMC is only 3-miles away. Maybe long-term redevelopment? https://www.us.jll.com/en/investorcenter/industrial-logistics/willowbend-business-park-houston-tx-unitedstates
  5. What's up with the Cushman & Wakefield land at the intersection of Stella Link & Willowbend? The land is also boundaries S. Main street. The Cushman & Wakefield sign has been there for over a decade. Why isn't anybody buying it I wonder? Loopnet listing: https://www.loopnet.com/listing/stella-link-rd-houston-tx/9142740/
  6. Noticed a large housing development a long Buffalo Speedway ear West Orem by K. Hovnanian Homes. Brentwood subdivision. Looks like some of the land is reserved for a church expansion and other future uses. Lots of land out in the area of Buffalo Speedway. I've been watching it develop. In 20 years all the trees will disappear.
  7. Not exactly sure which office building complex this includes. Johnson Supply at 10151 Stella Link included or is it only the office at 10301 Stella Link? This would make for great multifamily residential.
  8. Advance Meyerland is the small retail strip center next to the Kroger's on South Post Oak at West Bellfort. Was browsing permits and noticed a proposed building going up here.
  9. Building permit issued for their rebuild. They flooded years ago and just now rebuilding.
  10. Waiting on this land to be developed. Here's a blurb from Swamplot http://swamplot.com/willowbend-strip-center-soil-ready-for-planting-of-new-townhome-farm/2015-07-08/ Here's the land as of today Phase I, InTown Homes Willowbend https://www.intown-homes.com/Willowbend
  11. Noticed some cool machines on the train tracks. Anyone know what they are for?
  12. The old shack at the train tracks is for sale. The old shack has been a blight on the neighborhood for 20 years. Simon Printing owns the shack and their warehouse. Believe COVID-19 shuttered the business. Friend of mine was terminated. Loopnet listing, https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/10810-Craighead-Dr-Houston-TX/19222001/
  13. Went to the UT research site this week and passed up a block of town homes going in. This part of Buffalo Speedway is actually coming together nicely. COH extended Buffalo Speedway over a bayou.
  14. Does anybody remember this? My little sister was at Red at the time and I was at Johnston. Mass killer counts down to freedom /Survivor painfully recalls '73 rampageHouston - Karen Kurtz's scarred right leg begins to ache every afternoon, and she has to use a cane to get around, every painful step a reminder of her brush with Houston's first mass murderer. She was walking home from Red Elementary School on a spring morning 25 years ago when Larry Delon Casey, angry following an argument with his girlfriend, drove intersection to intersection gunning down little girls with a .22-caliber rifle. After fatally shooting an elderly woman on that day in April 1973, he killed two schoolgirls and injured Kurtz and another girl. Two months earlier, he'd killed a convenience store clerk. Despite Casey's notoriety - Harris County prosecutor Bert Graham calls him Houston's "original" mass murderer - few Houstonians nowadays are familiar with his name. That probably is because the horror of his 1973 shooting rampage in southwest Houston was eclipsed just four months after it happened, when the entire nation learned how Dean Corll and two young accomplices had killed dozens of teen-age runaways here. But Kurtz, now 35 and living far from Houston, remembers Casey. In a recent interview - after insisting that her new address or married name not be published for fear the killer might find her someday - she recalled how the slug that shattered her right leg also shattered her life. "I've dealt with 25 years of leg problems because of him," she said. For Kurtz, the Casey shootings didn't fade away with the next Page 1 crime. Every few years, she gets a postal reminder that the stranger who shot her is alive, standard notices from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles that he is being considered for parole. The last letter she got on the subject arrived in mid-July, and sometime this month the board likely will make a decision about freeing Casey. Kurtz and Graham, who convinced a jury to sentence him to 99 years in prison, both expect the board to reject him for the fourth time in a decade. That is not what concerns them. Thanks to a pristine prison record and a lot of 3 -for-1 "good-time credit," Casey, 48, knows he must be freed on a mandatory release on Feb. 19, 2006. He will have no parole officer watching him, no letters warning his new neighbors about him, no legal limitations on him whatsoever beyond the rules all Texans face daily. Larry Casey does not look like a murderer. Gone is the cocky, smirking expression he displayed when Houston homicide detectives brought him downtown. "I guess I went out of my head for 15 to 20 minutes," he told a Chronicle reporter at the police station that day. "I just flew off the handle." Today, watching Casey interact with other prisoners and guards at the prison system's Wynne Unit outside Huntsville, he comes across as a pleasant, schoolteacher-ish sort of guy. He received a bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University in 1988, and it shows in the way he talks. He is fully aware he would have been sent to death row but for a fortuitous twist of legal timing. At the time of the shootings, the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled the Texas capital murder law invalid. A revision of the law went into effect two months after the girls were shot. If he committed his crimes today, prosecutors could seek the death penalty under several statutes - killing children under age 6, committing multiple murders and, in an unrelated offense, executing a 7-Eleven clerk during an $80 robbery. As Casey describes it, he was fresh out of the Army after two years in Germany as a radar operator, and he had "quite a chip on my shoulder" when he returned to Houston. By then, he had been accused of numerous minor crimes - theft, burglary, possession of marijuana, pretending to be a policeman, drunken driving, shooting up a mobile home and more. But the potential to hurt somebody was always present, he said, because he usually was armed. He said this was because his father, Theron Casey, 53, had been murdered by two junkies in New York City, a crime Larry Casey blames on his father's giving a Brazoria County man nine hot checks to cover gambling losses. Whatever the reason, Larry Casey had a pistol on Feb. 21, 1973, when he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Ellis, were at a 7-Eleven on Burdine Street. Casey said they got into a dispute with the clerk, Dorothy Jones Young, 48, about selling beer after hours, a fuss that Casey ended by shooting her three times. In an interview, he described it as a simple method of ending a problem. "If there would have been the death penalty when I was in the 7-Eleven arguing with the manager, I never would've pulled the gun," Casey said. "But I knew there wasn't any death penalty, and I figured I could get away with it because there weren't any witnesses around." In his confession, Casey did not mention that his girlfriend was there. He said he shot Young "because I thought she was reaching for a gun." That killing became just another unsolved Houston crime until the Red Elementary shootings two months later. According to Casey, he and Ellis - who he says visited him in prison just once, several years ago - were both hard-drinking pot smokers who supported themselves with a Houston Post delivery route. Both were on probation on April 18, 1973, and Ellis was increasingly unhappy that Casey was drinking while driving, fearing he would get her in trouble for violating probation. "Yvonne was mad at me about drinking and driving and wanted out of the car," his confession says. "She got out at the intersection of Bissonnet and Chimney Rock." His confession says he was mad and went to fetch his mother's .22-caliber rifle. "I left the house and drove across Willowbend and into the neighborhood," it reads. "I was near where my little brother (went) to school." The confession says he shot a woman standing in front of her house. But in the interview, he described how Beulah Davis saw him stop near her home and came over and saw weapons in the vehicle. She may have gotten a good look at Casey's license plate. "I felt threatened by her," he explained. "I'd just been put on probation, and I figured she'd call the law." So he shot her in the back. The confession jumps from that to his spotting a child riding a bicycle in a driveway 75 yards away. One shot and the child fell down. "I do not remember shooting at anyone else," the confession says. Prosecutor Graham has not forgotten the rest. After shooting Claire Jakubowski, 5, off her bicycle in the driveway at 10423 Green Willow, Casey drove two blocks and wounded Lynn Jean Tucker, 10, with a shot to the back as she walked home in the 10600 block of Willowilde. Next was Jana Whatley, 10, fatally shot through both lungs as she walked home in the 4700 block of Kinglet. Last was Karen Kurtz, 10, walking with her younger sister near Cliffwood and Stillbrooke. "I was on the street corner waiting for (Casey's) car to go by," Kurtz said. "I looked straight at him." Casey was arrested almost immediately, after he returned to the shooting scenes with Ellis and his little brother. Police had scant trouble getting a confession since Casey freely admitted to killing the 86-year-old and the 5-year-old girl, contending that he did not remember the others. Nowadays, he said, he does remember them. But he said the actual shooter was a man called "Rooster." Casey insisted he did not tell the police about Rooster to avoid being "a snitch." Kurtz, however, said no one else was in Casey's car when she was shot, and a man from the neighborhood positively identified Casey as the car's sole occupant. Graham argued that Casey alone did it, and that is what the jury believed. Casey's version of the events, it seems, has evolved over the years, polished perhaps to make it more palatable to his cellmates and others in a penal environment where tattletales are not popular. Though he somehow still blames Graham's "twisted lies" for the conviction that he set up himself with his confession, Casey now calls his prosecution reasonable. "I don't have a problem with them prosecuting me for the murders," Casey said. "If one of my family members had been shot, I'd want them to do what they did and what they're still doing. I just don't agree with why they're doing it. They're just getting revenge." Graham said Casey should be jailed forever simply because anyone who could get mad at his girlfriend and then go shoot up schoolgirls he did not even know remains too dangerous to be released.
  15. The Gathering Place Capital Campaign Reaches Fundraising Goal http://www.menningerclinic.org/news-resources/the-gathering-place-capital-campaign-reaches-fundraising-goal Kitchen rendering
  16. Saw this For Sale sign the other month. Lots of vacant land on Buffalo Speedway. Probably will all slowly develop over the next 20 years.
  17. My father-in-law was a native Houstonian, and he used to talk about an old illegal casino/brothel(?) out Hwy 90. He said it existed after WWII and up into the 1950's. There was an old brick gatehouse just west of the current Beltway on the south side of 90 that he said belonged to the casino...does anyone know about this, or was my late father-in-law yankin' my chain?
  18. Do any of your guys have photos or info on what I have always known as the "old Meyer property" at the NE corner of 610 Loop South & S. Post Oak, right across the freeway from the MeyerPark retail property. I know there were some scenes from a movie shot at this location, there appears to be the old footprint of a home, and there is (or was) a small retail building at the SE corner of this property that used to be a gas station ( i think ). Anyone have any citable information about this property or any photos? HCAD.org doesn't describe it at all except for the northern edge next to the bayou as being HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) ownership. Kevin Jackson
  19. Does anyone remember these old amusement places in Houston? Gooney Golf which was I think, at South Post Oak and W. Belfort.
  20. Does anyone know the exact back story on Willow Pool? It is a quite, green oaisis off Cliffwood, and my understanding is that it has been there since the fifties, however it is not visible on the large arial photo of the Westbury area identified as the early 60's.....
  21. January Mod of the Month Houston Mod invites you to join us this Sunday, January 22, 2017 for a Mod of the Month open house event from 2 - 4 PM. Please help us find new preservation-minded owners for these fascinating vintage modern/contemporary houses located in Willow Meadows and Meyerland, about seven miles southwest of downtown. Thanks to Houston MODern Market for sponsoring this FREE event. Save the date for the next MODern Market on April 21-23, 2017 8822 Prichett Drive, Meyerland, Houston, TX 77024 HAR Link | Google Map Charles Tapley designed this well-considered house in 1957 and it remains very close to its original condition. A handsome integrated porch-carport entrance leads to the living areas, open on all sides to the private natural setting. Extensive use of glass walls, brick flooring and redwood paneling imbue the spaces with refinement making it a pleasure to experience. This Meyerland house has never flooded. Charles Tapley (1931 - 2015) was an architect and landscape architect determined to create outstanding places and structures. He was a graduate of Rice Institute and became a registered architect in 1960 and a registered landscape architect in 1970. Houston Mod has featured some of his other designs such as 1807 Wroxton, 610 Grecian Way and Tranquility Park. 9706 Cliffwood Drive, Willow Meadows, Houston, TX 77096 HAR Link | Google Map This intriguing 1950s modern house features an atrium, walls of glass, skylights, and extensive built-ins including a floating wall between the entry and dining areas. It is a spacious house situated on a roomy bayou-front lot. The house experienced minor flooding in 2016 and is ready for repair. The original set of plans is available for research. News & Upcoming Events Rio Grand Valley Mod Tour II Friday and Saturday, January 27-28, 2017 Rio Grande Valley Modern (RGVMod) and Houston Mod are hosting a special two-day member event in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. Nydia Tapia-Gonzales of Harlingen, founder of RGVMod and Houston Master Mod Stephen Fox will lead a tour of outstanding sites of mid-twentieth-century modern design in Edinburg and McAllen on January 27-28. This is a follow-up event to last year's well-received tour in Harlingen and Brownsville. Tickets for the Rio Grande Valley Mod Tour II are now available and an email was distributed with further information to members last Saturday, Jan. 7th. The tour is almost sold out, but if spaces remain by the end of this weekend, tickets will be opened up to non-members and a follow up email will be distributed and info will be posted on the Houston Mod Facebook Page. Houston Mod publications and membership information will be available at Sunday's event. Discuss your design and preservation thoughts and concerns with fellow modsters. We look forward to seeing you!
  22. Memories for the area just out side the loop in zip coeds 77096 77035 & about 1/3 of 77025 I remember before the walmart south Poast Oak & 610 was built in the late 80s to early 90s there use to be a golf course there. Where the Krogers South Post Oak & West Bellfort is now there use to Beldens which is now at Chimeny Rock & North Brasewood. Behind the Beldens use to be a drug store do not remember the name they sold hamburgers. Where the Cabana Carwash is now there use to a putt putt miniature golf Next to Beldens just south there to use to a AJ Foyt car dealer there Right after AJ Foyt closed behind where the Meyerland car repair is there to use to be a place that sold 4 wheelers & dirt bikes it burnt down Right next to the Meyerland car repair is now a Day care to use to be a restaurant do not remember then name they use to serve home style food the drinks were served in mason jars South Post Oak & West Bellfort right next to the chase bank use to be a cafeteria do not remember the name About 150ft down from the cafeteria there use to a small green auto repair shop it was torn down but the foundation stayed till about 5 to 7 yrs ago There use to a BBQ restaurant on Omeara about 1 block from south main next to the ghetto carwash now it is a place where they park ambulances West Bellfort at the rail road tracks between Cliffwood & Stella link there is a big warehouse it is now used a band rehearsal where you rent space I have no idea what was there originally Murworth & Buffalo speedway where the town homes are now there use to be a strip shopping center with Loma Lind mexican restaurant Stella Link & 610 where the discount tire is now there use to be a Jack N The Box Stella Link where Work Force is now in the same shopping center there use to be a Crown book store one time in the mid 80s I was with my mom we were just out to leave my mom working out the fronu door & a mexican guy was be chased by the police mom was only about 5 to 7 ft from this guy Willow Bend on the Wast side of the train tracks where the baseball field about 5 to 7 yrs ago their use to be a place that sold plants there still is a old brown metal building that still stand Craig Head & Willowbend right next to the train tracks next to Carolyns bar there to use to be a Firestone South Main & Willowbend there use to a golf course wierd thing about it it was so close to the street bet a few times people driving by got golf balls through there window
  23. Bounded by South Main, Willowbend, and Stella Link. It went almost to O'Meara on the north. It was called South Main Golf Club. By the time I got to Houston in 1968 it was a nine hole course, but each hole had two distinct tee boxes so you could play 18 holes that were different. It lasted, in a shrinking footprint, into some time in the 90s or early 00s.
  24. What was the building - warehouse at 4154 W Bellfort originally used for when it was built?? I have lived in the down the street for 35 yrs and I can never remember it being used for much of anything. It is one of the weirdest looking building in the area still has the 50s to 60s look to the building. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Francisco%27s+Studios/@29.6732952,-95.4461657,3a,75y,352.61h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sOstl6FKF2d3mvuId77gAEQ!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xc38256c3e2990b0b!6m1!1e1
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