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  1. Lockmat discovered this development from a link that TheNiche posted in the "Dome over Houston" thread. Europa at Houstonian Lakes, a 500-acre master planned community. LandQuest development group (or L Star, they've recently partnered with Starwood development) is the developer. http://www.enzoinv.com/brochure/brochure.htm (pg. 20-23)
  2. Do any of your guys have photos or info on what I have always known as the "old Meyer property" at the NE corner of 610 Loop South & S. Post Oak, right across the freeway from the MeyerPark retail property. I know there were some scenes from a movie shot at this location, there appears to be the old footprint of a home, and there is (or was) a small retail building at the SE corner of this property that used to be a gas station ( i think ). Anyone have any citable information about this property or any photos? HCAD.org doesn't describe it at all except for the northern edge next to the bayou as being HCFCD (Harris County Flood Control District) ownership. Kevin Jackson Moderator edit: The Frank K. Meyer residential property was located at 9111 South Post Oak Road in 1967. In present-day 2022, the Harris County Flood Control District water retention pond has an address of 4502 South Loop.
  3. Colonial South Shopping Center at 10421 South Post Oak Road. This is the shopping center with the Cue's Burgers, Juicy Crawfish, Texas Swim Shop, and Post Oak Dental. Loopnet listing: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/10421-S-Post-Oak-Rd-Houston-TX/24128783/
  4. I was looking on Historic Aerials and noticed there was an oval track off Willowbend Blvd. on Craighead Drive. Looks like it was active in the 1960s and early 1970s. This is located a few blocks from South Main Street. Could this be a track and field track for athletes? Does anyone recall this? Was it a Go-Kart track? Very cool find! Image credit: https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer 1958: 1962:
  5. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated October 1, 1958 and came across a Grand Opening ad for the Willowbend Gulf Service located at 4201 Willowbend Blvd. Willowbend Blvd at Greenwillow. Looks like an awesome grand opening celebration. Clowns, candy, balloons, drinks, prizes, etc. Owner-Manager: Chris Christoffel I assume the old service station is where the present-day broken down shack is by the train tracks? That would be closer to Willowbend & Craighead. The gas station is said to be at Willowbend & Greenwillow. Where those 3-story town homes are. The address, 4201 Willowbend, puts this in the middle of the NRG utility field. Present-Day shack. Looks like it could have been a service station with having those 2 garages and that covered fill-up area. Edit: The shack has an address of 4125 Willowbend. Not sure if they are related anymore.
  6. Here is something recently mentioned on Swamplot. Does anyone know anything about this project? http://www.kirksey.com/project/buffalo_lakes_master_plan Page 10 of this PDF http://www.ridemetro.org/ProjectsPrograms/PDFs/90A_Media_Briefing_020711.pdf shows rail going through the project.
  7. Guest

    Brays Bayou Master Plan

    The greatest, most well-thought out plans to improve a big city will always be stained somehow by the lesser members of the population. Littering is a behavior that is hard to police and the damage seems temporary; give it a little time and it will be blown or washed away so no one feels its damage, and so it persists. The picture below is ironic because the litter ended up in a pond designed to purify runoff. All the pointy-heads who designed this project surely had to have accounted for this scenario? The good thing is that this won't go unnoticed and will likely be dealt with. When I went to the park this weekend to take some shots of the Project Brays freshwater tidal basin work at Mason Park, I intended to post the progress here to show the non-East Enders something positive that is taking place in town. This project is a combination of flood control, habitat restoration, water purification and recreation. Really a textbook, inner-city, all around winner. However, here is what one of the water purification ponds looked like after the minor rain we had. This was disturbing to me. Prior to this rain, this pond in particular had started to have large water birds in them just about every time I've went. Now, I'm guessing they'll stay away. Here are some other shots of the project; Looking from the Forest Hill bridge, which will be replaced as the bayou is widened, northwest towards Downtown (skyline visible in the background) The only way I can imagine this can be solved is by, perhaps, to tether a giant net off of the storm drainpipe upstream and empty it after each rain. If nothing is done, this wetland habitat will become the beginnings of a landfill in a matter of months. I think the mayor should see this and get HPD to crack down on litterers and, if they ever catch one, assign them to that pond with waders, gloves and a bag. Then, get one of the local channels to do a piece on it to help teach people to behave.
  8. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated July 14, 1971 and noticed a business advertisement for Canine Motel And Cat House located at 11525 South Main Street. A couple in a local grocery store were in the check-out line and the woman was telling her husband an unusual experience that happened while driving down South Main. I ever made a U-Turn to see if I read the sign right, she told him. As they both chucked a man behind them joined I the chuckle. Oh, we've seen it too? She asked. Yes the stranger replied. Well, nice you've heard of it, you'll never forget it. Se laughed. I certainly hope not, the man relied as he handed the woman his business card. The sign she saw read “Canine Motel and Cat House” and the stranger was Phil Oesterman owner of the recently opened establishment for pets. The Canine Motel and Cat House is housed on 2-1/2 Acres of land on South Main, across from the South Main Drive-Inn Theatre at Stella Link. The first phase of the planned complex, will represent an investment in excess of $50,000.
  9. There was a place on south main in the fifties called the Trading Post...maybe that's it? There was also the Troubador and the Copacabana, but those don't sound as "country"
  10. I was reading the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated August 29, 1962 and came across a business advertisement for Lariat Restaurant & Club located at 11215 South Main Street. The Lariat Restaurant, Houston's newest, has opened its door at 11215 South Main, and manager Bill Cypert issues an invitation to area residents to visit his beautiful new dinning room and taste is delicious food at reasonable prices. Operating in conjunction with new Lariat Restaurant is the new Club 45, now taking memberships. As an incentive, the first 50 people who join Club 45 says Mr. Cypert, will not have to pay a membership fee - only the beverage pool and stare tax. The club options Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. The large, fine swimming pool adjacent to the restaurant-club building will be operated through September and October at a rate of $10 per family or 25 cents for children and 50 cents for adults. The complex also includes a convenient drive-in restaurant served from the central kitchen. In the dining room there will be nightly dancing- from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Presently playing the Sonny Covington Four. Edit: I just realized this is the same location as a club called Lee's Trading Post Club located at 11215 South Main St. On the below newspaper article it mentions a "new club". Does that mean Lariat Restaurant & Club 45 came after Lee's Trading Post Club?
  11. Can someone who was around back in the 1960s answer this? Old Main Street Road, aka Main Street Loop Road, aka Old Richmond Road, was a street that went from Main and Holcombe, east of present day Reliant Park, and then southwest to connect to South Main. There is still a remnant between Main and Fannin. The section from Fannin to Greenbriar was renamed Fannin when Fannin was extended to the South Loop. From Greenbriar to Kirby became the Astrodome parking lot. From Kirby on it seems to have either been developed over or just abandoned. If you look on satellite photos you can see where the street ran, but it isn't on maps. I've just been curious about how such a long street could have just vanished. Were there no houses or businesses on it? On this map it is listed as Old Richmond Road. 1935 Map
  12. Does anyone know the operating dates of the Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) Waste Dump that was on Holmes Road at Buffalo Speedway? We turned a closed landfill into a functioning golf course by excavating new and existing borrow pits and then placing the earthen material over the landfill to create an unique recreational experience, leveraging our special expertise to safely complete this golf course overlooking Reliant Stadium and downtown Houston. http://www.lexinc.com/work/pierce-junction-encap-golf-course-reconstruction-wildcat-golf-club/
  13. In the early 60's Willow Creek Little League that had been playing behind Red Elementary was given land across South Main from the South Main Drive Inn and Homeco Field was built. Due to the lights from the baseball fields the Little League had to pay to have a large sheet metal wall built to keep the lights from disrupting the movies. Growing up in Willow Bend I remember driving up Willow Bend Blvd and always checking out what movie was playing on the South Main Drive Inn screen.
  14. The track across from Buff stadium was used for midget races. Not sure if stockers ever ran there. It is talked about in PBS's "Houston; Remember When" episode #3. Note that Playland Park didn't even have a race track yet. This era of photos certainly proves there once were race tracks on Stella Link. I used the Googly Earth flight simulator function to visit the old airfields around town, even the South Main Airport across the street from Playland. It is an amazing pleasure to see all this again.
  15. The Westbury Square thread reminded me about this article which I had not exposed to the web. It provides history of the airport from its origins in 1941 to the article date in 1947. As noted in the Westbury Square thread, the airport property is bounded by present-day South Main, Chimney Rock, Hillcroft and West Bellfort. http://houstonfreeways.com/images/sam_hous...ew_complete.jpg
  16. I was browsing the newspaper Bellaire Texan dated April 11, 1956 and noticed an article about a grand opening of a shopping center called Willows Shopping Center. They had a full-page ad! This small shopping center is located on Willowbend Blvd. at South Post Oak Rd. I do not see an Annie's Restaurant/Annie's Cafe listed on the original tenant list in 1956. I wonder when Annie's moved in? Possibly they took over the space of the former Zimmerman's Meat Market & Delicatessen. J.W. Lander, head of the J.W. Lander Construction Co., which built the shopping center, pointed out it includes 15,000 square of floor space and 60,000 square feet of parking area. The fireproof building is of masonry and steel. It is owned by J.W. Lander and his cousin, Frank B. Lander. The Lineup: Willow Shopping Center Elite Cleaners, 10803 S. Post Oak Rd. Post Oak Shoe Repair, 1805 S. Post Oak Rd. The Willows Coffee Shop, 1807 S. Post Oak Rd. Post Oak Liquor Store, 10811 S. Post Oak Ivy's Barber Shop, 10809 S. Post Oak Rd. Country Club Hair Salon, 10813 S. Post Oak Rd. Jaudon's Tots & Teens, 10815 S. Post Oak Rd. Bobby Jean Dance Studio, 10817 S. Post Oak Rd. Sanders Hardware, Inc., 10819 S. Post Oak Rd. Zimmerman's Meat Market & Delicatessen, 10821 S. Post Oak Rd. Wortham's Pharmacy, 10823 S. Post Oak Rd.
  17. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated September 26, 1962 and came across a crime article. The article was about the neighborhood U'Tote'm store located at 4102 Willowbend Blvd. This is the present day empty Frank Liu field? Or possibly the Best Care EMS place? Did anyone ever go here? When did it open? Close? Was this a stand alone building or attached to a retail strip center? Very cool history! (not the crime.)
  18. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated December 29, 1965 and came across a business ad for El Patio Mexican Restaurant located at 4118 WIllowbend Blvd. "Houston's Finest Mexican Food". They have two restaurants, maybe more. El Patio Mexican Restaurant No. 2 4188 Willowbend. El Patio Mexican Restaurant No. 2 6444 Westheimer. Looks like this is the current day EMS place? Or the Frank Liu parcel next to it. Did anyone ever eat here?
  19. I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated September 13, 1961 and came across this business ad for Town & Country School located at 11524 Craighead Dr. Did anyone from HAIF attend this school by any chance? This would be located near the South Main Drive-In Theater in Willowbend. Mrs. N.R. Bobo, Owner.
  20. I was browsing the magazine The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated June 22, 1966 and came across a business ad for Christie's Shrimp House located at 10517 South Post Oak Rd. Interesting naming for this location. All the other stores were simply named Christie's Restaurant. Very cool. I never knew this location existed! Anyone ever eat here? Looks like this is the site of the present day Shipley's Donuts on South Post Oak near the 610 entrance ramp.
  21. There was a request of knowledge this week about "King's Hamburgers" on West Bellfort. I was browsing the magazine The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 15, 1971 and came across a business ad for King's Food Host Restaurant located at 4991 W. Bellfort Ave. Looks like this is the current site of the Kroger Gas Station, or the Gabbanelli Accordions & Imports store.
  22. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 30, 1970 and came across a business listing for Sears located at 10431 South Post Oak Rd. Very cool! I never knew about this. I heard it was a smaller satellite store. I assume this was located in the retail strip center where Cue's Burgers is. Any pictures of the building? Was the store in a strip center or was it an actual building which has since been demolished? Edit: R.I. McLemore was the store manager.
  23. I was browsing The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated May 7, 1969 and came across this business ad for 1500 Club located at 10230 South Post Oak At Bellfort. The magazine had a ton of their ads, maybe a total of 10. Sounds like a wild and crazy place. Did anyone ever go there during the 1960's? Any stories or pictures to share? This was before the MacRobert Chevrolet Dealership and Belden's Supermarket? Or was 1500 Club located on opposite side of the freeway?
  24. I was browsing The Southwest Citizen dated September 23, 1964 and noticed a business ad for Chicken Delight located at 4120 Willowbend Blvd. Anyone remember this place? There was countless of fried chicken restaurants on South Main in the 1960s. Everyone loved their "KC Steaks". Other locations were: Chicken Delight - 3701 Weslayan St. Chicken Delight - 4120 Willowbend Blvd. Chicken Delight - 7217 Hillcroft St.
  25. A little lesser known bayou in Houston called Willow Waterhole Bayou. Information here: https://www.willowwaterhole.org/flood-control-wwbayou-increased-flooding Willow Waterhole Bayou is a narrow 4-mile-long natural tributary of Brays Bayou. It flows through Houston’s Brays Oaks area—once oil tycoon Walter Fondren's ranch—and Westbury neighborhoods. In the 1940s, when the ranch land was being developed, portions of the original stream bed were rerouted. Today the bayou emerges southeast of the intersection of W. Bellfort Blvd. and Fondren Rd. and eventually flows northeast from Braewick Dr. through the Westbury and Willow Meadows neighborhoods. The bayou, Scout Lake, its weir (similar to a spillway), and the culvert connecting the lake to the basin complex can all be seen at the end of the 500-foot-long Bayou Trail, which begins at the left of The Gathering Place on S. Willow Dr.
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