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  1. When I was very young we used to eat at the Gaido's on Main with my grandparents some, and the Chief Motel (no longer there) was where they spent their honeymoon. At one time South Main was a really happening place, back before those motels were trashy and renting rooms by the hour (or the minute) and the nice restaurants and clubs had gone away. Some of those places were the hottest spots in town to dine or go out for the evening a few decades ago.
  2. Well it was 1980 and it was closed and I would say that it was on Main, I was 8 yrs old and remember passing by the park and it was abandon. You can still see the actual holes despite the high grass. That was a great trip in 80 we stayed at the Astroworld hotel, and spent 2 days at Astroworld. I remember my parents used to love eating at the kroger deli, and also we went to I think Burger Chef quite a bit. Edit: Here's a 1964 advertisement. Houston Golf Center 7710 South Main Driving range with automatic tees and pro shop 54 holes of miniature golf Large groups by reservations (Trophies furnished for large groups)
  3. Seems suspect for flooding. That's possibly why it has remained unoccupied. I took notice of the palm trees and the plot seems to be a restaurant torn down sometime between 1995 and 2001 but searching for it has yielded very little (a zero address on HCAD, with only vague indications that about a decade ago, CVS was considering it for a store). The best guess I have is La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant at 7525 Main Street.
  4. For years there was a cool vacant 50's-looking hotel off of Main (I think) very close to the Med Center. It was classic midcentury in the manner of some of the iconic Vegas hotels (like the Sands), probably about 12-15 stories high, and had a wraparound glass penthouse or restaurant on the top floor. I think it also had parking under the building on the ground floor, kind of a drive-through lobby drop-off arrangement. Best I can tell from a recent drive through the area, it's been torn down. I had not been by there in over a year prior to this drivethrough. Does anyone remember the building, or have any history on it? Pictures would be even better but I know that's a long shot.
  5. Anyone know what's going on at the old Medical Inn and Suites at 9000 Main? They're demoing it (showed up on Swamplot Demo report as residences).
  6. https://youtu.be/lAAZD79KMos My father seems fairly sure this pony ride was near South Main and Braeswood, which was the location of Kiddie Wonderland. But when I look at online photos and video of Kiddie Wonderland, the setting of this movie does not match. This movie shows a large, rectangular event space with small grandstand and high fences, whereas Kiddie Wonderland had a smaller track with lower fences. The movie background is mostly undeveloped, also not consistent with Kiddie Wonderland. Does anyone know where this pony ride was? This was the 1969 Chevron picnic. Yes, that's me on the pony.
  7. Drove by yesterday and they are tearing out all units at 9604 S Main (the old America's Best Value Inn) here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Americas+Best+Value+Inn/@29.679122,-95.426589,3a,75y,305.44h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sBytyiD3zHAWaelOmoKiDYA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xfe8313a5a4dffe69!6m1!1e1 According to HCAD, ownership changed 1/30 of this year to "9604 S Main LTD" w/ an address that matches In-Town Homes. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. talk about a corner that has never lived up to its potential....the intersection sits in a prime area to FB County and Harris County....there are alot of people living south of the center and north on hillcroft but for as long as I can remember I rarely saw the strip center attract any business that was worthwhile... I remember the apartments on Hillcroft and Main go to the dogs before reopening up....pizza inn used to be there, burger king, church's chicken or ron's and a BBQ place further down on Willowbend in a red trailer....the scuba place is still there, etc. One of the better Frenchy's locations still stands before he lost it and sold it to the Vietnamese. However, the big shopping strip at Main and Hillcroft I was told used to house a Safeway temporarily, I remember a place called Bazaar taking its place in the 80s, there was a drug store where the Fitness Center is now and the outparcels in the parking lot contained some businesses. Now, the big areas in the center house furniture stores. Why do you think it never took off despite the location? 2234 in the 80s might've had an impact as middle class blacks and whites had Randalls, Kroger and Safeway to shop at. But in a prime area...I would've assumed someone would've took a chance... now, the opportunity might be lost as FB Parkway, Hillcroft and The Beltway has that big strip with alot of national retailers committed and building... I lived out there for 24 years and never would've had thought a Chili's would locate out there. Great area with access to all parts of Houston within minutes
  9. Bounded by South Main, Willowbend, and Stella Link. It went almost to O'Meara on the north. It was called South Main Golf Club. By the time I got to Houston in 1968 it was a nine hole course, but each hole had two distinct tee boxes so you could play 18 holes that were different. It lasted, in a shrinking footprint, into some time in the 90s or early 00s. Edit: On October 16, 1957 the place was known as Briarwood Country Club: On February 22, 1961 the place was known as South Main Golf Center:
  10. Youngblood's Chicken 6441 South Main This must have been in the neighborhood somewhere.... http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/661/youngbloodschicken1956xd8.jpg Edit:
  11. Long gone from South Main Christie's Neon fish frying in a pan.
  12. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of a Houston bar named the Hitching Post that existed in 1954-55? There's a singer living in England who goes under the name P.J. Proby (real name James Marcus Smith) who claims to have sung there with Elvis and Tommy Sands in 1954. His publicity people say it was a "cowboy bar" famous for giving country singers and musicians their start. Proby's website says Biff Collie broadcast his radio show from the bar and it was located at the end of South Main. I can't find any references to this Hitching Post bar in Houston other than on websites that are talking about P.J. Proby's life and career. Nor can I find anything that corroborates Proby's story about singing with Elvis and Tommy Sands anywhere at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I remember an old neon sign for "The White House" that was visible from the Astrodome parking lot. I am sure that the place was not nearly as classy as the name implied, but I thought the sign was neat. I also remember a motel named "Sun Valley" right next to Target on South Main. I think it had already closed by the 1990s, but it had some neat mid-century design features and graphics on the sign.
  14. Does anybody know anything about Hassan's antique store, used to be on South Main near Bertha's? This was in the 1960s and a little later. Pink stucco building, with a sign that said going out of business for years. --Zay
  15. Growing up in the Willow Bend area in the 1950s, we kids would expect to hear a noontime whistle from one of the industrial businesses off South Main. I never knew which business it was. I'm pretty sure it was not the Southern Pacific Railroad. Anyway, it was a signal to "warm up" our televisions for lunch-time cartoons.
  16. Ever since moving to the Braeswood area a couple months ago, I routinely find myself driving past what might possibly be the oldest and nastiest "oasis"/pool area in Houston and was wondering the story behind it. The place is on South Main on an enormous lot with an old sign in front that says "Hospitality Inn" on it. What's crazy about this place is that it has a heavily wooded pool surrounded by nothing but an expansive lot of old slabs and concrete (looks like something out of a nuclear fallout film). http://maps.google.com/maps?q=29.690101,-95.418444&ll=29.689832,-95.418091&spn=0.000489,0.000426&num=1&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=29.689751,-95.418157&panoid=2st1LFesBiXDPSOmnmg8sw&cbp=12,320.6,,1,-1.59 Using Historic Aerials, it looks like the buildings that once stood on it (there in 2002) changed over time but the pool was added between 1957-1962 and was never touched even as the buildings around it changed. The crazy thing about this is that I always see people living behind and around pool (like their "oasis", although I can't imagine what the pool area is actually like and what's inside it). It also seems strange that the land owner would have demo'd the entire lot but left the pool untouched. Anyone know what this place was before it was an inn (or has it always been that) and if there are any plans for it in the future?
  17. I remember when an old 1960's motel near the Texas Medical Center changed hands and was rebranded as Villa Inn located at 9604 South Main Street. When did this change-over happen? Anyone have any remodel pictures? Edit: Here's a matchbook I found on Ebay!
  18. I remember that place, and think I stayed there around 1983 when I was a kid and Mom was at the Medical Center for a few weeks for some tests. I think it was called The Tides, and next door was The Tides II. I may be wrong on that, but I know there were two hotels that were from that period that stood on the west side of Main just north of Holcombe with those names, and the remaining building was torn down in the last few years.
  19. What street would the Grace Courts have been on? I would like to look it up on Google Earth. And what structure is sitting about where the Gateway Pool was located? My mom remembers it, was before my time.
  20. Who remembers a night club in Midtown called Rosalie's Night Club located at 4919 South Main St. My buddy told me about this place and I'm just trying to find out the history of it. Any pictures of the building? What about matchbooks? Did anyone on HAIF ever go here in the 1960s?
  21. Was there really a golf range called South Main Golf Range located at 10509 South Main Street? This would be by South Main (Highway 90) and West Bellfort Ave. I know there was another golf course/golf range down the block at Willowbend & Stella Link called South Main Golf Center 10920 South Main St. Does anyone recall this golf range? It was active in 2002.
  22. I am trying to track down photos, or postcards of an old hotel near the Texas Medical Center. The building is the old Residence Inn located at 7710 South Main Street. Who remembers this Residence Inn?
  23. I'm replying to a question many pages back about the burger place a couple blocks west of Montrose. That was Hamburgers by Gourmet. My cousin worked there while attending U of H. But does anyone remember Jamie's Hamburgers that were on Main near the Stables and where you raised a flag at your table for service, the menu was on a huge piece or finished wood with a kickstand that sat on your table, and you were served a free copper bowl of spicy pinto beans as an appetizer? Also did anyone ever die and go to heaven over the World's Best Enchiladas at the Richmond Drive Inn in Richmond, TX? Edit: October 5, 1967
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