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  1. Well, the title speaks for itself. Here's my list: 1. Uptown (looking to the east from the SW Freeway, uptown looks very impressive. Especially with all of the cranes) 2. DT - from 45 SE of DT 3. TMC from 610 4. Energy Corridor 5. The Woodlands 6. Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby.
  2. http://blog.chron.com/thehighwayman/2014/10/despite-complaints-houston-best-texas-city-for-transit-access/
  3. I remember a few years back when Houston reached 6 million. How long until we reach 7 million? (especially with the ongoing boom our city is seeing.) Also, does anyone know what the current population of Houston is?
  4. Looks like some more townhomes. I'm sure some of y'all have already spotted the demolition of the site. Was walking by the development to see what was up with it and found the website for it. http://www.pelicanbuilders.com/project_WestMainCommons.html It's literally right next to the large Willow Creek development. It seems pretty basic, but it's certainly going to be better than what was there before.
  5. I found this interesting. At $1.2 Billion, the Texans rank as the #13 most valuable sports team in the world. #1 is Manchester United, followed by Real Madrid, the Yankees and the Cowboys. http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mli45ikdf/13-houston-texans-2/
  6. Maybe this kind of question has already been asked before, but just curious to see what architects some of you really like and what you want them to do for Houston. By the way this is anywhere! Houston, Texas, USA, the world. You could even split it up into dream architects and ones you think could be possible if that helps some of you xD. What are some top architecture firms that you like? What are some up in coming architecture firms/ architects on your radar? What architect/firm would you really like to design buildings in Houston? If this firm did design something, what would you like them to design? (from a single building to even a full community) (this can be new construction, adaptive reuse, preservation, or redevelopment) Where would you want this design to be located in Houston?
  7. first off, dont get too excited.. this is all just a fantasy. but its an idea for what could (in my own little world) be next after the downtown retail initiative/incentives program ends later this decade. i made a post in the downtown forum that talked a lot about this and figured i would just copy/paste it into a new thread since it was slightly off topic, but i thought it made a lot of sense. im not talking just putting grass on an inaccessible rooftop. im talking putting (depending on the roof sizes, venues would be placed accordingly) full fledged gardens, parks, public sports complexes, TopGolf, miniature golf, outdoor entertainment areas/patios/bars, ect.. things that not only will help the city, but also improve the lives of the residents. here are a couple articles about Chicagos rooftop renaissance.. http://greeningthecity.wordpress.com/chicagos-green-renaissance/ "Green Roofs “We do this not because it’s fashionable, but because it makes sense. It improves public health; it beautifies the city; it enhances the quality of life; it saves money; and it leaves a legacy for future generations.” Mayor Richard Daley Perhaps the most famous of Daley’s greening initiatives are Chicago’s green roofs. Leading the way with an award-winning green roof on their City Hall, Daley’s tough green roof incentives and requirements have made Chicago the North American leader for green roof implementation for four years running (Green Roofs for Healthy Cities). Known for their ability to reduce stormwater runoff and reduce the urban heat island effect, green roofs have also proven to be perhaps the most symbolic of all Daley’s initiatives. Other cities wishing to implement green initiatives have admired Daley’s use of green roofs as a symbolic figurehead for his other greening initiatives, and is perhaps a good lesson in public perception. Green roofs are sexy and innovative, and easily capture the public imagination. The most famous green roof in Chicago may not even be recognized as one- Millennium Park." (in that case, i guess Discovery Green is a "green roof", so we are already on our way to following in Chicagos footsteps) "The 20,000 square foot garden atop Chicago’s City Hall was completed in 2001 as a green design experiment— namely to test the heating and cooling benefits plus the runoff absorption rates of green roofs in urban areas. Special soils were created using lightweight soil mixture guidelines that were researched and developed in Germany. Skylights were reinforced to support up to 60 pounds per square foot, and a massive waterproofing layer was added to the century-old roof. Plants and grasses were selected for their ability to thrive in abundant sunlight and high wind, the majority being prairie plants native to the region. Today, the City Hall’s grass and plants are able to absorb 75% of an inch of rain before storm water begins running into the city’s sewers. The roof is seven degrees cooler on average than neighboring roofs and as much as 30 degrees cooler in the summer, adding further support to research that shows the massive cooling effects of healthy lawns. Chicago now has 7 million square feet of green roofs completed or underway." thats from an old blog/article in 2011 i believe, so one could imagine Chicago has added a bit more green roof space since then. in a city that is currently spending billions to expand/rebuild the drainage system (and has an average summer temperature high in the 90s, sometimes reaching into the 100* range), i would say green roofs would make a lot of sense for us here in Houston..
  8. Hello, I am currently conducting a small project that involves capturing black & white photos of Houston's historic buildings. I am specifically looking for buildings from the the earliest 1800's to the early 1900's. I have a good collection going and looking for suggestions on other interesting buildings for the collection. Here is a link to the portfolio (work in progress): http://stuartpartridge.smugmug.com/Historic-Houston-BW All the best, Stuart
  9. Allen Brothers Statue Project -- Joseph Finger's original plans for City Hall included two statues of the Allen Brothers ... Houston Press (Houston, Harris Co., TX), Fri., 17 Nov 1939, p. 11, c. 1-2 Texas Star Chapter, Daughters of the Republic of Texas is wanting to finish Finger's vision and install the statues as original planned 75-years ago. For more information on the project, visit ... http://www.lksfriday.com/DRT/DRT-018.htm
  10. Folks, it looks like KPRC-TV NBC 2 Houston has unveiled their new set in the KPRC studios (guess they got tired of the previous one) and the station also said special coverage (such as elections) will include a virtual set as well. Mike McGuff.com reported this story. http://mikemcguff.blgospot.com/2013/09/kprc-2-launches-new-set-for-2013.html Any thoughts on KRPC NBC 2's new set ?
  11. http://texasleftist.blogspot.com/2013/09/a-texas-way-of-being-urban.html If you've been to Houston recently (and took some time to exit the freeways), you probably could tell one thing pretty quickly... the city is in the throws of a rapid transformation. Much of this building boom is taking place in the form of new condominiums and mid-rise structures, which will likely increase after revisions to the city's development code. But it's not just the law that is mandating these types of developments... much of it is driven market demand, as more and more Houstonians prefer to live in a traditional "built urban" environment. The shift in thinking is starting to get noticed outside the city as well, for it affects the way Houston does business. Take this interesting interview on the changing face of Houston architecture, from an architect's perspective. The editor of the Chicago Architecture Blog interviewed John Lahey, CEO of Simon Cordwell Buenz. SCB is a Chicago-based firm that is currently working on projects across the United States, including two in Houston. Editor: Houston is a whole different market. Lahey: For an urban person, it’s not as accommodating. But there is a sprit of Texas that you can’t help but like. Even if, politically or whatever, you’re not in sync with it, their do-it-yourself identity is really kind of neat. Editor: How is working in Texas different than the other markets you’re working in? Lahey: The people that we’re working for in Texas are from Texas, so the Texas imprint is very apparent. I would say in Texas it’s just not as dense and hard an urban environment, and it’s a little more gracious. A little more landscaping when you come into the building. It’s hot, but it’s sunny a lot. The units are a little bigger. There’s a vitality in Texas that is different. Chicago and San Francisco have very established urban areas and you’re sort of being part of an established urban framework. Whereas in Texas, you can be more freewheeling, and people want to just celebrate it a little more. The buildings in Chicago have a lot of civility, where in Texas… it’s hard to say exactly what’s different. In Texas the construction costs aren’t as much as they are here, and so you get more for your money. Editor: And no zoning in Houston. Lahey: Austin has zoning. It has a lot of zoning. But the buildings there are large, and we’re working on a few smaller ones, too. Editor: In the last few years, people in Houston seem to be coming around to the notion that it’s OK to live in a tower instead of a rambler. Lahey: I think there’s quite a bit of it. And then there’s more stuff starting to happen in downtown. The one that we’re doing in Montrose isn’t a super-tall tower. It’s probably half as tall as this [Rincon Two], but that’s tall for there. But what’s neat about an area like that where there’s already a density and there’s restaurants and stuff, when you bring in that many people and do it in a way that still lets the neighborhood be what it is, it’s just more people going to these things. Walking to them. And you can see how the urban experience that we all love, will morph into a Texas way of being urban. Austin is a little more urban feeling because of all the music downtown, and it’s pretty centralized. And because of the size of Austin, they’ve probably got a denser core than Houston. But I think Houston is going to be really good. The things that are happening there are really positive. Editor: Are there things that you have to do differently designing a building in Houston? Lahey: It’s not so cold, so when you do your amenities, the outdoor — the pools and all that stuff — are really important because you’re going to be using that a lot. Balconies… You know, it gets so hot that some people want them and some people don’t. Somebody told me that you just don’t sit out a lot in Houston. So when we’re doing it, there is the thought that people are going to be in their apartments and have the windows closed and have the air conditioning on a lot. Now in Chicago, we have the same thing in the winter — people are going to be inside and have the heat on. So, they’re similar. Whereas in Chicago, you’re making sure things don’t get too dark, in Houston you’re making sure things don’t get too light. You don’t have the short days, what you have is the big hot sun. Here you’ve got the winter, when it’s dark and it’s cloudy, and you want to make sure you get enough light into each unit.
  12. If Houston where to have a Timesquare or Victory Park like place, where would be a good location for that? Dallas Victory Park New York CIty Timesquare
  13. Recently I went to San Antonio for the weekend and had a change to go to SeaWorld. I couldn't help but think and have always wondered "Shouldn't SeaWorld at least be by the SEA !!!" The one in SanDiego is and the one in Central Florida is surrounded by lakes and really not that far from either coast. To have a sea-life based theme park in the middle of dusty and hilly south texas hmmm..... I don't see the connection. Now if SeaWorld was in the Houston-Galveston Area that would make sense. First, there's 3 or 4 times more people in H-town, close by the water (Galveston), alot of the state marine research in done here. Not trying to put down the Alamo City but come on, having SeaWorld there is kinda weird. I think the Houston Area should at least make a pitch to the owners of SeaWorld of Texas to see if there willing to relocate from San Antonio to Houston. Maybe I'm wrong about this, just saying.
  14. 2013 East Montrose *foodie* Home Tour and Art Walk will take place on Saturday, April 13, 10am-4pm. Organized by the East Montrose Civic Association, tour goers will get a glimpse of the unique and diverse architecture in this distinctive, eclectic neighborhood. For a special treat and a further taste of Montrose, local boutique restaurants (including Sorrel Urban Bistro, Bocados, CuChara, Gratifi, & ElevenXI) will provide savory, gourmet tastings in homes on the tour. On the Art Studio Walking Tour, local artists will open their studio doors for tour goers to enjoy some local art up close. With pedestrian-friendly streets, diverse architecture, open space (Peggy Shiffick Park), art studios, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, it is an enjoyable place to spend an hour, the afternoon, or the day. Seven eclectic homes. Seven Artist studios. One day only. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door. For details please visit: www.EastMontrose.org
  15. In the 1970s and the 1980s, I remember going to Pizza Hut or was it Pizza Inn on Boardway driving to Hobby Airport (driving away from I-45). It in the parking lot by Red Lobster! It had a beautiful stain glass window in the Pizza Hut or was it Pizza Inn. I love sitting by that window! If anyone remember that table which people wrote on, it was pretty interesting. I do not believe it is a good thing though. I love the 1960s or the 1970s style picture of that woman with long flowing hair. Pardon my grammar and spelling. That bring back great memories! ~Juliet Shohreh Nour~
  16. Brand newbie here, but have been reading for years. I've always loved to take pictures of Downtown and now that I'm working here I have more access Just wanted to share a few of my favorites
  17. http://www.mlsnet.com/MLS/news/team_news.j...t=.jsp&team=hou I actually like the name now. At first it did not sound that great, but it has a good ring to it. The colors and logo for this team are pretty decent.
  18. I remember going to The Houston Galleria when I was a child during the 1970s and I took ice skating lessons there too during the 1970s and the 1980s. I remember they played disco music and other types of music and they had psychedic light which shined on the ice skating rink during the night time hours, it was so fun! I miss those days! I remember going to a restaurant at The Houston Galleria which was like a melt shop or ice cream shop and the waiters and waitresses would wear red and white large stripes hats and uniforms. They also had a gift shop which you walked through before you left the restaurant. It's now long gone!
  19. I was born on June 13, 1972 in Houston Texas! I was born and raised in Houston Texas (I still live in Houston Texas), but I have traveled a lot though. My grandfather (my mother's stepfather) died on Friday October 02, 2009 and my grandmother (my mother's mother) died on November 15, 2011 (I believe that is the correct date). But all my grandparents has passed away. Let's get started on my topic! I remember going to the Gulfgate Movie Theater in the 1970s and the 1980s, and I remember the stain glassed window (pardon my grammar and spelling), does anyone remember that beautiful stain glassed window? I also remember that fun video game with the race cars at the Gulfgate Movie Theater, too. I do remember going to the Women Restroom in the Gulfgate Movie Theater and remember that neat tile work throughout the Gulfgate Movie Theater too. And in the Women Restroom they had a sink and a place to wash your hands in the stall (pardon my spelling, again). How about that neat orange round couch or sofa in the middle of the lobby, where you can look at that beautiful stain glassed window while sitting on that circlar sofa/couch. I remember a lot of beautiful and neat stuff from the Gulfgate Movie Theater. How about when you drove on I-45 and you could see the Carousel Hotel/Motel Sign? That was a very neat sign, in my opinion. I miss seeing that sign, now. All these things reminds me of my mother's parents (my grandparents). I was especially close to my grandfather (my mother's stepfather). We spent every waking hour with each other. He was such a good man! I also remember Peppermint Park, too. I didn't realize that Peppermint Park was located in the Gulfgate Area. I remember seeing both the 1970s movie 10 with Dudley Moore and the 1970s movie Saturday Fever with John Travolta at the Gulfgate Movie Theater. We stop going to the Gulfgate Movie Theater in the mid-1980s or the late-1980s, because the Gulfgate Movie Theater got to be a danger place. A lot of scary people hangout there.
  20. I thought you guys might like these photos I took of lightning in Houston the other day! H-Town Lighthing III by J-a-x, on Flickr Lightning over H-Town 2 by J-a-x, on Flickr Lightning over H-Town by J-a-x, on Flickr
  21. I recently set up a webcam of the Houston skyline and it is going live tonight. The cam is located on a rooftop in Montrose. It's actually the same cam that was used to make the time lapse video I posted earlier. I'm not sure if it's going to be permanent yet, but I thought you guys might enjoy it while it's available. http://www.jackson-myers.com/Webcam/ I should probably add that launching it at night might be a dumb idea because you can't see as much in the dark, but I think the view looks pretty good in the day.
  22. A young woman from Houston successfully landed her plane in a Conroe street after an engine failure. http://blog.chron.co...owntown-conroe/ The pilot, Sarah Chantal Rovner, was doing a Civil Air Patrol flight from West Houston Airport to Lone Star Airport. This was at night, with few visual aids. She had completed around 100 hours of training before the accident flight. It was a very skilled, successful emergency landing. She has been compared to Chesley Sullenberger by one news story: http://www.39online....0,5920169.story A video about the event is here:
  23. Hello. I am moving from Boston to Houston and I am interested in the city of Bellaire. I checked out the neighborhood at the beginning of June and people were telling me that the area is expensive for Houston standards. To be specific I am interested in ranch houses under 320K. I currently live in the North End of Boston and although I love the atmosphere, my partner and I are looking for a neighborhood that is not as restless and I like the cozy feel of the neighborhoods in Bellaire. I figure I could get my dose of entertainment in my spare time in other Houston neighborhoods. Thanks for any information you might have on ranch houses in Bellaire.
  24. I can't find the article, but it looks like White is going to dig deep into the TIRZs. I heard Uptown TIRZ is a goner. I think this is a good thing. Charles LeBlanc and the Midtown TIRZ handled a lot of money, and all we got were some steet lights and park benches. Now that they are in place, I think the money could be better spent elsewhere.
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