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  1. Including pottery. They were using anagama kilns way way waaaaay back when. Of course, I'm sure I'll find out by the next post that this was Chinese governmental propaganda as well.
  2. I would have to agree with the sig limitations... This isn't [H]ardForums or anything. We're not showing our rigs off here. As far as pictures go, I could care less. I try to look at HAIF in lo-fi version just to make things look "important" when I'm here at work.
  3. ... is the result of no walls. The "pantry" there open up into the ceiling. The walls aren't floor-to-ceiling, they stop about 3 feet beforehand to expose the ductwork and lights.
  4. Windsor Park Lakes! I used to live there. Unless they've expanded? Last I saw, it was merely a cul-de-sac. As far as Cinco goes, it's its own city. A league of its own, if you will. I find that there is, and always has been since its inception, an elitist quality to the people that live there. Not that this is a bad thing. I've seen how it's expanded, and I have to say that I enjoy when a community has tight reigns on how high store signs are off the ground and the appearance of strip centers look. Even the Public Storage building over there looks nice! Everyone knows Public Storage is a usually a huge eye-sore. They're big on trees and there's even a Cinco FD and PD. As for traffic along Grand Parkway, you're in for it. I lived for awhile in a gated community just west of the GP, and it was quite the ordeal to get on it, unless it was 5am or 10pm. Now that I'm sure it's closer to being done, I'll bet it's worse. It seems that the traffic on I-10 starts to back up at Fry Rd in the mornings, so if you're already on via the GP, you'll be able to get into the HOV no problem. Of course, now that I get to commute against everyone heading into downtown, I don't really notice a problem.
  5. Yeah, it's open. Say hey to my hubbie when you go in. And it's more of a "Walk-Thru" Sbux. There isn't much place to stand around or sit and work on your laptop. It's narrow and ... weird. I think the grand opening was today. Or tomorrow. Iced tall 2pumps coconut, 1 pump vanilla percent latte
  6. Live Oak Lofts, in my opinion was a big bust for the area. I have a feeling they wanted so much because, when we were at the Open House (waaaay back when,) the broker told us they ended up pouring more money into the building than they intended. The elevator, for instance, was supposed to be the original elevator that was hand-operated. But they had to pay for inspectors to approve - and deny - it, then get someone to come in and... You get the idea. My biggest complaint: No pantries (small door in a big wall, with tons of shelf space, but hard to put anything in there if the door isn't big enough.) IKEA (God love you) furnishings - down to the drawer pulls. NO WALLS. They charged you to put up a wall. Everything is open-air and no privacy, which is great if you never want company. Good to be home, guys.
  7. My aunt and uncle didn't even bother to leave when they heard about the Grand Parkway... Of course, the housemates and I were watching TWC showing 45 northbound's traffic. I think my comment was, "What else on a Friday? ... They're just going up to The Lake." I hope everyone down there's doing ok. If not, let me know. I need a reason to miss a week or two of class.
  8. This is what got me at Live Oak Lofts. "Amazing features! Exposed duct work! A wall between your bedroom and your living room! Open floorplan! No money down and NO doors! Act now! Going fast! !!!" Hasn't anyone ever heard of a freaking door? Sorry, but even in a 1B/1Ba, I'd like to have some privacy if I have guests over. Or if a guest needs a private place to change clothes or something. Then what? A curtain. How contemporary! I'm living like an artist now... So poor, I can't even afford a door! --------------------------------- Live from Lex and Poor Artist's Doorless House
  9. Seriously, my dental work was $$$$. Since I was 13, I was dying to get out of those railroad tracks and NOW they tell me it's popular. Gawd, if I had known that, I would never have had them taken off. Maybe I should get my retainer gold plated. Doesn't matter if people laugh at my lisp, my retainer will be gold-plated. Yeah, baby.
  10. Excluding all the rap "songs" about how "my woman's ass is large, tight and I bang her every night," does anyone else not wonder why most rap singers talk about how "dey poor" and are "livin' in da ghetto" and "da WhiteMan cometh to take my bling away"? Come on, we've all seen Cribs at least once. Not a one of them is hurting. Most have their priorities all f*cked up, with their shitty Caddys, with the rusty holes in the rear quarter panel, that have 4 ReallyLoudAnnoying Subwoofers in the trunk and a PS2 with four controllers mounted in the passenger-side dash and TV screens with personal DVD players in the head rests of your red pleather seats. Don't forget the Sprite Dispenser set up right under that 140-Disc Changer.
  11. Haverty's! Ack, guess not. Sears! ... Oh, wait. No... Foley's! Oh, wait. Crap!
  12. Correction: "A Texan can say more with a 10-word drawl and a shotgun [...]" Besides, we don't have annoying words like "wadder," "bonnyclapper," "fuss-budget," "Double runner," and "bee-ah" or weird phrases like "I want you should [do something]." Even better, we don't say "hoagie." Honestly, it's a sub, a sub, dammit!
  13. The answer is simple: Annex Mexico. Then they'll be here in the U.S. I mean, come on.. If Mexico's population is dropping because people want to live in the US, why the heck not?
  14. Because it's 12.30 and I'm starving.
  15. Great. I hate being pessimistic but I hope this doesn't make it easier for people to run out and have their homes/stores considered "historic landmarks." The only reason I've become bitter about this is a few people in PA. 309 and Kernsville is the worst intersection along 309, mostly because it's an interestion that most high school kids take to school. It's in desperate need of being widened since you cannot see the other road until you've already gone through the intersection. The reason for this? Three ghastly buildings that have been erected over the years. A fourth used to stand on the southwest corner, the secondmost historic property along that stretch. Well, the expansion was planned, the property was purchased, it was demolished. The other three building owners RAN to get their buildings claimed as historical landmarks. One of these had been reduced to a shack (that sells shotguns, of course). It had a load-bearing wall that made it a "historical landmark." The other is a cursed storefront that's seen too many proprietors in its day. The only thing "historic" about it? The basement. The last property was a house with tons of ramshackle additions that was only a few feet away from the streets that ran by it. What truly disgusts me about this whole thing? These buildings were allowed their historical markers. There was a stunning old house that was next to the cursed storefront. It was the main farmhouse of one of the first families to settle the Lehigh Valley. By now I'm sure you realize it was torn down as soon as the mayor said, "Let's expand 309 at Kernsville Rd.!" (I cried - I wanted that house. ) The first house I mentioned that was demolished? It was built by the father of this family for his (great grand-?)daughter when she was married. I just don't want to see the same sort of crap happen in Houston. Tear-downs of darling bungalows in the Wards or the Heights, but atrocities that are nothing more than sheet metal and plywood "saved."
  16. It's not in the Chronicle. At least, not that I saw. I agree with you, pineda.. It just looks like an opportunity to slam Bush. Like when everyone was so willing to point out Bush's grades in college, but no one cared that Gore's grades were even worse. Edit: Holy crap. Big brain-fart. Kerry's grades, not Gore's. The whole thing struck me as strange because I never saw any of that in middle school or junior high. Then again, I was a Loser in junior high. Me and my Loser friends were older than the rest of our classmates and were more concerned with what rich guy we'd be marrying and where we would be honeymooning. Ah, those were the days. ------------ Last day Friday. Mentally absent since last Thursday.
  17. An example of crapflooding. I enjoy Aivic's telling of the History of the Trolls.
  18. Yes, put some hot grits down your pants. I love crapflooders.
  19. Apparently we're all addicted to cough syrup. Er, yeah. Right down the street from home. Good to know! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...1601248_pf.html
  20. Is the one on the right in downtown, near the Icon? It's a park now, right?
  21. You know how to solve that problem, right? Boxes with cinder blocks.
  22. I'm running away to live on Palmyra Atoll to raise my kids and live off the land. Care to come along?
  23. To Fark with them all, to be honest. I may consider myself "conservative," but these days everyone is too full of themselves to be anything but "Republican" or "Democrat" - they're all Pompous Pr*cks. All of those radio personalities are guilty of being arrogant at some point or another (if not always.) Can we not rise up against ClearChannel and Take Back the Radio? Maybe then we can have people who are actually good at listening and can debate with calm, level-headed facts and the intelligence level of a high schooler.
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