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  1. Pizza Machine I wonder if its real does it come out 'hot"
  2. Is Houston going to plan on getting a new amuesment park.
  3. Austin's Freeway and Toll System Austin SH 130 may become the longest tollway in Texas.
  4. http://www.hines.com/property/detail.aspx?id=2077 http://www.mainplacehouston.com/ MainPlace Houston Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Hines is developing MainPlace, a signature 46-story office tower located in downtown Houston at 811 Main Street. Slated to receive LEED Silver Pre-certification, MainPlace will contain approximately one million rentable square feet. Designed by the nationally recognized architectural firm of Pickard Chilton, MainPlace will be clad in horizontal sunshades of glass and aluminum that will wrap around the building
  5. Dominax

    More in Austin

    High-rise Building Statistics for Austin 72 completed 25 never built 25 vision 16 proposed 14 under construction 8 approved 2 under reconstruction 1 demolished What about for T. Stacy & Associates Hotel & Condo Tower 830ft T. Stacy & Associates Hotel & Condo Tower under construction
  6. Dominax


    It should become a large Laser Quest Theme ill be the largest ever.
  7. Mobility 2025 - 2004 Update: Freeway and Tollway System http://www.dfwmaps.com/trans/mtp/freeway20...70&map.y=99
  8. Dominax


    How often does Houston get rain throughout the year. does anybody know I guessed about more than 180 to 200 days a year! Does Houston get more rain than any other city besides New Orleans and Seattle
  9. US 7S is tag along with I-45 from DALLAS TO HOUSTON But its not a route sign of us 75 no where in houston just on maps Just in Dallas
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