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  1. Isn't Nextel a Sprint entity now? How is it ghetto?
  2. We went yesterday for an hour or so and found a couple shops that we were very impressed by - but in general, it seemed like another day on 19th St...nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe i was in the wrong area ?
  3. My understanding is that many of the businesses proposed along the bayou will be of the 'temporary' structure sort - i.e. kiosks and such that can be moved with short notice in case of inclement weather. I don't think they are planning permanent structures like what you might come across in San Antonio's riverwalk. On another note, i was in Oklahoma City's 'Bricktown' district last wkd during our hurricane hiatus. Pretty impressive, though very 'corporate franchise' feeling. Houston could certainly learn from what they've done with their 'warehouse district'. Especially how they've focussed businesses around the minor league stadium that they have there...
  4. yesterday I was in Houston - (midtown as you might imagine) - got to Oklahoma City this morning at 4. evacuated out of sheer fear and what i thought might be sensible. enjoying my time here in OC - but still stressed about what's ahead. i'm sure the trip back will be torture.
  5. Any thoughts on other destinations than the ones that are already booked...i.e. other than austin, dfw, sa? can't find a place for the life of me!
  6. what are your thoughts about midtown? We have about 20 windows roughly in a townhome - corner unit. Judging by what i'm hearing, this could be one heck of an event.
  7. What kind of cost can one expect on the plywood? Additionally, if you have a stucco finish - how does one locate the right place to drill? Our window frames are metal...
  8. I'm very excited about this! Great news! I'm curious to know whether a retail boom in downtown would preclude midtown from having comparable activity.
  9. HAHAHA - that's EXACTLY what we did as well - sat on the steps and killed a bottle.
  10. That's an awfully sweeping statement! Can you support that argument?
  11. Suburban home builder heads inside the Loop Allison Wollam Houston Business Journal K Hovnanian Homes is moving inside the 610 Loop by venturing outside of Houston's suburbs for the first time since its predecessor company, Parkside Homes, entered the local market seven years ago. http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto.../12/story8.html
  12. Agreed - can't we just keep the focus on MIDTOWN - instead of trying to force this 'creativity'?
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