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  1. Wonder how much rents will be for this one. Looks like they're having some trouble leasing West Ave Phase II. There's a guy holding a for lease sign on Kirby most days. A colleague told me that 2 bedrooms go for nearly $3000 per month. That's crazy for Houston!
  2. Thus far, this forecast is a bust.It sure looks like the forecasting computer models missed this one. Billions of dollars impact? Our office is closed. So far, the reliance upon the forecasting is certainly misplaced. I will work from home. What about those not so fortunate who might miss some pay? And schools closed? For what? This is a joke...
  3. Man, this is looking cheap and underwhelming! I preferred the empty lot.
  4. What would you have designed instead?
  5. I agree that this spot isn't ideal and will exacerbate traffic woes. Like the design although accounting for this firm's other work they kind of phoned it in. We'll see.
  6. Poor design of the Montrose trench!
  7. We all realize that IL traffic is getting more congested but today has taken the cake! All Star game aside the overall mobility was a huge issue. I think it's a good representation of what local traffic could be like in, say, 2017. Not good. Not good at all...
  8. The birthplace of Texas and arguably the most economically important. All that so called ugly is critical to everyone in the state (or country).
  9. Apparently, all the Californian transplants want some creature comforts. Sad, really...
  10. If developed in accordance with the master plan this will blow either of those two away!
  11. I like the overall design but haven't noticed any lighting scheme at night. Does anyone know whether some lighting is going to be part of the design?
  12. My god what mindless twits people have become when it's necessary to text conversations while driving instead of simply pulling the car over and handling the (mostly inane) communication. There is no conversation so important. Period. Even if the bill doesn't go far enough and extend to texting at a light (really, really??) and it may otherwise be tough to enforce-it should go on the books. Too many people have died or been seriously injured because some moron was texting instead of driving. I'm sure the opinions of the neasayers would change if someone important in their life died at the hands of one of these feckless and egocentric texting fools.
  13. The bookstore at Houston Center closed last year as well. Note to self: when thinking about opening a business in DTH skip the bookstore idea. I get a bad feeling about the viability of Pavilions. DTH just can't support it...
  14. Swamplot reports that Books a Million at the Pavilions is closing on January 15. Not good...
  15. Because one can find much better quality and pricing from other (non-retail) establishments. You just need to know someone in the wholesale jewelry business and you can easily obtain truly original selections for a fraction of what these chain stores charge. E.g., the ring I settled on would retail for $20,000; and I got it for $8000.
  16. feufoma

    Montrose HEB

    Whole Foods Kirby...always full!
  17. You still listen to land-based radio? Check out Sirius/ XM-it has multiple R&B/ Soul formats from which to choose. Commercial free... I think it's only $16 per month.
  18. Does anyone know what might take its place? (Hopefully, nothing beige or any other shade of brown.)
  19. It looks like they're working on the 9th of 22 floors. So, it still has some to go plus a crown. It'll probably be 330-350 ft. Not bad for infill and certainly better than a parking lot...
  20. Sorry, but that looks really nasty!!
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