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  1. You have to be really careful of all the "protein" bars that are out there. Many are good, but many of the "heathly" ones are actually LOADED with sugar. Equivalent to a snickers bar, but they hide it under organic or whole grain... I'm pretty certain that brown rice syrup is just as bad for me as rice syrup, the whole thing make me furious. Stick to whole foods as much as possible. Veggies and fruits are great and easy. Among many great ideas already mentioned, I also like to keep hummus on hand. Turns out its really easy to make with a food processor.
  2. how could you omit the omnipotent burger?
  3. Okay, I've spent over an hour looking for that thread on the Whole Foods going up on Dallas (or near there). Can someone find it? sorry for the new thread but this is driving me NUTS
  4. I've been trying to figure out the features for months, it just confuses me more...
  5. went last night and had a blast!!! but then I was "in" with a couple of tents. I would definatley say that you need to have access to a private tent for it to be fun, but was told by a friend who had a tent that girls can generally get in anywhere if they ask right I also understand there is a free band/concert saturday night. not sure who though. So Red, if you ticket just gets you in to the bbq, I'd maybe pass (7 bucks woo hoo). If its for a specific booth or a tent, get you boots and bells out and enjoy.
  6. somewhere in the depths of this site I posted some pics a couple of years ago of the 'hood north of washington east of Sawyer. Many of those houses are rubble now with another stupid townhome on them. so sad, great bones.
  7. I've been very happy with Dr. Krutsinger at River Oaks Vision on W. Gray. 713-640-2020
  8. dentist cancelled my appointment cause he didnt have power!!!!
  9. i think its the latest yippie kid hot spot. once they move on to the next bar, you should get your neighborhood bar back.
  10. my advice, let the lady choose, red vs white, and ask if she has a preference. then look at the prices, tick 2 up from the bottom and you should be good to go.
  11. haha, nope not at all. degree in fish. work in energy. but seriously, what 19 year old is prepared to make a decision for their 40 year old selves?
  12. woodland heights is lot protected in some blocks and streets, but not others. http://www.woodland-heights.org/Neighborho.../mlsmbllist.htm
  13. Merry Christmas from Hartford, CT. I thought it might be interested to see where we all spread to this holiday week. (and who still checks in to HAIF )
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