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  1. That’s the plan for SP 982: Restore to operational again. This according to the SP 982 Historical Group on FB
  2. Train (SP 982) is moving to 3405 Navigation on 2/28 https://www.facebook.com/1717138895199170/posts/2845499742363074/?d=n
  3. Here’s both Cohn House and SP982 being loaded up for their relocation this week. https://www.facebook.com/262612701157/posts/10158134179876158/?d=n
  4. Drove by the site yesterday, all of the bars have been demolished. Sorry no pics. Train is scheduled to move Feb 28 https://www.facebook.com/1717138895199170/posts/2837438819835833/?d=n
  5. They’ve got 4 years to do something. I think it’ll happen in that time, if not sooner. I just want it NOW. GIMME RENDERS NOW!
  6. MarqE getting another renovation. https://houston.culturemap.com/news/real-estate/02-10-21-marqe-development-spring-branch-renovations-levcor/?fbclid=IwAR2SGzvf0kckSjUI-vC-lWvSWgSOIPc04DOyqzB0VzMWXryaIX6I7A_Cpu8
  7. Chronicle has corrected their article. Initially they stated SP982 Steam Engine was going to be moved to the Texas Railroading Heritage Museum. Now Tony Marron Park is being discussed as a potential location. If the Astros aren’t ready to build their mixed use, SP982 doesn’t have a home finalized yet, and the Cohn house has no decided final location - why are they even bulldozing the lot and making all these moves? Nobody is even ready. Ridiculous.
  8. The bad news is bars west of St Emanuel are goners due to highway expansion. And to the bars that survive, it won’t be as easy to access during construction of the 59/45 double tunnel, which I’d guess will take a few years. Because of the latter, the Astros may want to hurry up and build their mixed use as a way to take advantage of the 59/45 tunnel construction period to pull in more business at their investment.
  9. You were right. It’ll become a parking lot first. The design for the mixed use development isn’t complete yet. SP982 will be transferred to the Texas Railroading Heritage Museum Cohn House will be moved one block north of MMP temporarily, then eventually relocated to a city park east of 59. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Historic-home-in-shadow-of-Minute-Maid-Park-on-15937594.php?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&fbclid=IwAR1w8_AGFqSP8lMpAL0Xf9ClqRu1G0-BmHfwYBHwD0JSze09RxiQu63Wk7Q
  10. I was there on Sunday. Both Cohn house and SP982 steam engine were still there but will be moved. Per the SP982 forum on FB: 1. SP982 will be moved about a mile away, they are finalizing location and hope to announce in the next few days. Their goal is to restore the train to running condition again, although they’ve had issues with the city accidentally selling the tender. 2. Cohn House will be moved to a lot in between MMP and 59 for now. Will be moved again when 59 is demolished for the reroute. https://www.facebook.com/1717138895199170/posts/2832130923699956/?d=n
  11. Will be interesting to see if both 80 Red River (64 fl, 802’) and 98 Red River (74 fo, 1025’) both get built. Is this the only render with both skyscrapers shown?
  12. Why? They already have lots extending to BBVA, plus added lots where they demolished Star of Hope and the halfway house behind CF. This is such a prime lot next to home plate, bridging the gap between the ballpark and ADLA/Discovery Green. And their interest in a mixed use development for this particular site has already been reported. I just can’t envision them doing all this work and negatively impacting the the pre/post game experience by paving over the only bars they have located next to the ballpark.
  13. Nope. The wrapped light poles signal it’s a goner.
  14. I’ll go one step further. I feel pretty confident in predicting the Astros will unveil their ballpark village mixed use project at Minute Maid Park during the 2021 virtual Astros Fan Fest. Especially given what’s happening on the site currently and the timing with Fan Fest around the corner. Unless someone here spills the deets before then hehe
  15. FWIW, the mod for the SP982 page on FB states the Cohn house will be relocated to a block in between 59 and MMP temporarily, then moved again once construction is underway on the 45 reroute. The new train site has been stated to be a mile away but is still under negotiation. https://www.facebook.com/1717138895199170/posts/2832130923699956/?d=n With all that’s happening on this site, I feel confident enough to say...
  16. That wouldn’t have worked. The left field dimensions are caused in part due to site constraints, like Fenway Park. The site’s proximity to Union Station and having to fit a roof rail on the site, which would’ve had to go behind the train station, was the primary issue. The only way they could’ve got more outfield room at the current site was to either demolish Union Station altogether or build the ballpark closer to the intersection of Texas & Hamilton, effectively nixing the VIP lot along the first base side that’s there today. But that couldn’t have happened either because Star of Hope had a it’s shelter building along the rail track behind the right field gate. While Drayton did nothing about it, Jim Crane eventually bought it out 2 decades later, relocating it to the East End so he could bulldoze the shelter for more premium parking spots (before the big 1-45 rebuild severs his other lots on the other side of 59) Honestly it worked out well. Id rather MMP’s outfield intricacies then Globe Life Field’s mundane field of play. Adds a bit of character to the park.
  17. Yes. This spot. In fact, the half-way house lot the Astros now own would also make a perfect spot for an Astros Hall of Fame building, next to Heritage Park, the ballpark, and across from Union Station.
  18. Why not Union Station? There’s an empty green area north of the CF gate, across heritage park from Union Station. Seems like a perfect spot for an old locomotive...
  19. Home Plate BBQ closed 1/6. They’re auctioning off their equipment. Coupled with the train relocation, something might be happening on this project. Crane owns the land and the Astros already extended MMP’s lease. Where does the Cohn house end up? https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/01/22/restaurant-equipment-from-home-plate-grill-bar-to-be-sold-at-online-auction/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=kprc2&fbclid=IwAR1ZlhpBKrEmduJPJrG3JGMnLQ4U9csT28TsUVc8vcoQK4uaBLlnbEkICYs
  20. Know what block would be perfect for green space? The CenterPoint lot (Block 277), perfectly situated in between Discovery Green, Toyota Center, Hilton Américas, and 1550 On The Green. Abandon the sparsely used Crawford St and you could probably extend the Pappasito’s to have patio that opens up to the park. This lot have become too valuable based on its proximity to many things. What are the chance CNP buries or relocates it’s transmission facilities to allow for development here?
  21. Drove by last night and this looks almost complete. Any idea when/if the Park Shops renovation begins? Looking forward to this as opening up the Park Shops outward to McKinney might attract more people inside and is close enough to to Discovery Green to potentially attract some of its crowd.
  22. Switching topics, why can’t we have a signature bridge over Buffalo Bayou built as part of this project? It would look beautiful backed by the Downtown Houston skyline and could be a marketable asset for decades to come. Many have clearly thought about it in the past (see renders I’ve collected over time) so why aren’t we doing it? Boston has the Zakim Dallas has their spans over the Trinity Miami is building a Techno Tarantula Why can’t we have anything nice in this town?
  23. I like the High Line conversion idea for Pierce Elevated. Could be an area for jogging trails, outdoor movies or amphitheater. Under the overpass could be used to stage a covered Farmers Market for the growing residential population of Southern Downtown and Midtown. And the overpass doesn’t take up the full block between Pierce and Gray. That leaves the Gray portion as developable with direct connections to the overpass as an amenity. But I understand TXDOT’s funding mechanism for the overall project by demolishing the overpass and selling the land. Maybe we find a compromise. Leave the Pierce Elevated standing and redevelop this portion from the Jefferson/Pierce/Bagby split to Main St. Let Main St be a gateway terminus for Pierce Elevated Park. Demolish the Pierce Elevated south of Main St and sell the land.
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