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  1. It was 740 am. As a teen, I would sit in bed and treat it as story time. Lol
  2. I live on this street and flooding is not an issue. Tropical Rita and the last one produced rain but no flooding. However you will pay for flood Insurance. For these newer pier and beam homes, it will come around $300
  3. If I am not mistaken, homes along Turkey Gully got flooded. Hence my developer bought up the trailer park lot for the cheaps and built our homes. With the pier and beam foundation, I feel confident about my house. My garage on the other hand is another matter.
  4. I have lived in Shady Acres for eight years now. In 2003, most people thought I was nuts due to the overrun lots, abandonned homes, dilapidated houses/businesses, lack of national stores and so on. However, that has all changed in the last few years. My property value has increased at least 40 percent. Home prices are very stable in this area. In the last real estate home report by the Houston Chronicle, foreclosure rates are less than 1% for Shady Acres. 1. Safety: Just don't park your cars in the street or driveway. I highly recommend you park it in your garage. We have had several issues with tires/rims being stolen, cars being broken into for Ipod/GPS/Laptops, and just vandalism of vehicles. I personally rather clear my garage of clutter than deal with a broken window. Another issue I noticed is the theft of yard tools from opened garages. Living in the city, you just have to be cognizant of your surroundings. 2. My patch of neighborhood has tons of newborns. Out of ten homes, four couples just had a newborn within the last year. The census did note that this area has seen a resurgence of yuppies (20s-40s). 3. Tons of Mexican restaurants. In the next few months, a wine bar is opening up on W 20 and a pizza/hoagie restaurant on W 23 and two new Mexcian restaurants on Ella and W 26. You will not starve here. Wal-Mart is coming within a year on I-10 and Yale and that will compete with Krogers (national grocer). If I am not mistaken, the Krogers on W 11 is listed as one of the largest store in the chain in the Southwestern part of the US. We have Foodarama on W 18 with HEB Grocery. 4. Potential=Growth and property value will keep growing. I thought my place was not worth more than 230K but my neighbor is selling her house (same floor plan) for 260K. If you choose Shady Acres, good luck! We do have tons of townhomes here. BTW Certain parts of Shady Acres have flooding concerns. With this current drought, it may be a thing of the past.
  5. Got this from the Shady Acres discussion group, "Yes, we are calling the concept Crisp "Wine-Beer-Eatery". Dave, I appreciate the support and the project is in motion so stay tuned."
  6. I apologize. The location is Bevis and W 23. It will replace the dilapidated Shady Acres Grocer. This is great use of abandonned space. I know for myself, one can only take so much Mexican cuisine.
  7. I got an email from the Shady Acres discussion board. "Hi my name is Al Scavelli. I recently purchased the property at 2220 Bevis with my business partners. We are converting the space into a restaurant that will offer beer, wine, and plenty of delicious eats such as Pizza prepared on a stone deck oven. We will offer deli style Hoagies and many other dishes prepared fresh in house by our Chef. If you have any inquiries about updates on our new project please contact me." This is exciting. It is within walking distance from my home.
  8. I was part of the Shady Acres Civic Club board. The La Hacienda was located in the heart of a residential street. It actually backs up to people's backyard. Hence the protests began. However, if I am not mistaken and I don't want to speak for anybody, I think we are for commercial/restaurant establishments on W 19 and W 20 because those streets are commercial corridors. I personally welcome a hamburger joint on W 19. It surely beats more used car lots.
  9. I saw a sign by the apartment developer for an information Developer Meeting on October 26 @ 7 pm Taylor HS Cafeteria
  10. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7103572.html WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BURGLARIES Is your home in a hot zone? 10 most burglary-prone ZIP codes 77036, 77009, 77072, 77060, 77063, 77077, 77042, 77016, 77082, 77021 Ten safest ZIP codes (population over 15,000) 77002, 77059, 77058, 77084, 77005, 77345, 77029, 77071, 77008, 77019 Source: City of Houston data Most commonly stolen items Large, flat-screen TVs Cell phones Cameras DVD players Gaming systems Identification documents Jewelry Removable tools (power tools, hand tools and yard equipment) Bank cards and checkbooks Cash Firearms What you can do about break-ins? Experts say the average burglar will spend no more than four to five minutes trying to gain access to a house. Thwart burglary attempts before they happen Make your home look occupied all the time. Use automatic timers on lights when away. Place radios on automatic timers when you're away so they can be heard outside. Lower the sound of your telephone ringer and answering machine so they can't be heard outside. Never leave notes on your door that can tip off burglars. Eliminate hiding places around your home Install motion detector lights around your house instead of leaving lights on at night. Install these lights at least 8 feet above the ground so they are more difficult to disable. Motion detector lights should illuminate doors and windows. Doors should be first priority, followed by windows. Remove overgrowth, bushes and shrubs under windows and next to doors. Use a security alarm system with a loud alarm and/or flashing lights. Make your home a harder target Make sure you have the right kind of locks on your doors and windows. Secure doors from attached garages with dead-bolt locks and security door strikes. Install impact-resistant glass on windows or doors within a 42-inch arm's reach of a lock. More: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/7103572.html
  11. Just for correction: Funny how I was reading this post and people were talking about me. Actually I don't work for the City of Houston. I am just a Shady Acres resident who was part of the Shady Acres Civic Club executive board. I have never been to a Super Neighborhood meeting and I am not a fan of SJL. Heights West will be a welcome addition to Shady Acres. One less bar, I am happy with it.
  12. Chinatown always has the freshest and cheapest variety of seafood. However, due to the distance, I just go down I-10 to Blalock and get my seafood at Ranch 99.
  13. I am excited. We need more asian restaurants in zip code 77008/77007 Booths or tables and chairs? Both if possible Counter service or full service? Counter Service, Usually wait staff will doom a restaurant success if they are not properly trained Should we close at 10pm or 9pm? 10pm What time should we open on Sunday noon or 11am? noon How many high chairs will I need 4, 6, or 8? 4 Will the neighborhood walk or ride their bike? A combo of walk, bike or car at different times How many bikes should the bike rack hold? 6 Patio out front under the awning or in the back with a big grassy play area? Back Coke or pepsi? Dr. Pepper Access to water for dogs outside and free dog bones? No I personallly don't like dogs at the restaurant entrance. Back is best.
  14. I always assumed that builders would put a layer of insulation under the floorboard for crawl space foundation. Boy was I wrong. No wonder the downstairs wood floor was like walking on ice. Can anybody recommend a company that will go under the home and put insulation? thanks
  15. There have been reports of a lot of Christmas packages being stolen off of peoples front porches. Copied from a Woodland Heights e-mail: "I talked with the sender of the empty package found in my yard. Every gift card and gift in this box was stolen but all wrappings were left behind. Within 24 hours, the itunes cards had been used but not the Macy's (they left the receipt behind so she had the card number and was able to cancel it. If you keep receipts and know the card's info, you can cancel it if it has not been used. UPS told her that it is rampant this year that thieves are following trucks and grabbing packages as soon as the driver leaves basically. If you are expecting a package, leave a note for UPS/Fedex to leave it at a neighbor's who's home or throw it over your fence into the backyard. If someone sees this clown in his dark SUV, please call HPD and then let us know the type of SUV, etc. Would be great to nab this one Keep your valuables, gates, garages, cars locked, and valuables out of sight. However, in any way you can let people know you are watching: open your blinds a bit, walk your pets and kids, walk around your street a bit etc. If we all do a little bit.....it will help. Keep you cell phone handy, too! I've had to use it before while meandering through the 'hood."
  16. My name is Brooke Schledewitz and I work for the show "Bang For Your Buck” on Home and Garden Television (HGTV). We are now in production of our 3rd season and are looking to bring the show to the greater Houston, TX area. I'm hoping for your help in locating homeowners who may be interested in having their recently remodeled attic OR master bathroom featured on our show! I am contacting you to see if you could pass this information on to the people in your neighborhood and/or if you know of anyone in your community who has completed this type of renovation. I have attached a press release for you to take a look at. If you have any questions or need any additional information please feel free to call or e-mail me. We are looking to select our homes within the next few weeks, so time is of the essence. Please let me know if you are able to help! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Brooke Schledewitz Brooke Schledewitz - Bang For Your Buck High Noon Entertainment 303-712-3168 bschledewitz@highnoontv.com Have you recently renovated your Attic OR Master Bathroom? Then HGTV is looking for you! Home & Garden Television’s (HGTV) BANG FOR YOUR BUCK is looking for fun and enthusiastic homeowners in the greater Houston, TX area RIGHT NOW! Renovations must have taken place within the past three years. Each episode will tour three similar remodels at similar price points in the same city. We’ll bring in our design expert and real estate expert to determine how the renovation impacts each home’s value. We’ll also provide viewers with expert advice, answers on remodeling values, and inspiring ideas for design. Taping will begin shortly, so if you’re interested, please apply immediately! Please send photos of your Attic or Master Bathroom and request an application at: BSchledewitz@highnoontv.com Or Brooke Schledewitz at (303) 712-3168 Bang For Your Buck is produced for HGTV by High Noon Entertainment in Centennial, CO. It airs Friday nights at 9:30/8:30c.
  17. The 17th recent suspicious fire in the Heights area burned a garage before dawn this morning, firefighters said. The blaze broke out around 4:30 a.m. at the garage in the 900 block of West 19th Street. Firefighters were able to put out the flames quickly.
  18. Shady Acres Civic Club General Meeting Agenda (October 20, 2009) (Lodge Annex 1435 Beall Street (At W. 15th Street) (7:00 PM Starting Time to 8:30 PM Estimated Ending Time) 1) Opening Gavel … Call to Order @ 7:00 PM 2) Pledge of Allegiance * 3) President’s Comments 4) Minutes from previous meeting to be approved 5) Treasurer’s Report 6) Old Business a] Crime and La Bola Loca shootings 1) Update from City Hall Pop-Off b] C.O.P. [Citizens On Patrol] Update c] Friends of Ella update of the esplanades d] Greater Heights Super Neighborhood (Pat Nicholls) 7) New Business a] Nominations and elections for next year b] Membership fees (change) c] Board of Directors Insurance Guest Speakers (7:45 PM) a] Representative of Houston City Councilman “H” – Ed Gonzales b] Candidate for City Council At Large #1 – Karen Derr 9) Final Announcement: On Thursday, December 3rd - SACC Meeting/ Holiday party for Officer’s elections @ 7:00 PM Golden Cafe Chinese Restaurant (stay for dinner after – separate checks) 1430 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008 Get directions: Call - (713) 869-8883 (or go online)
  19. Does anybody know what happened to this restaurant. I tried to go there for some tamales and the place is shuttered.
  20. I think there is another fire. I head HFD W 23RD ST N DURHAM DR 452U10/12/2009 21:23111 Fire1A015, D031, E015, E031, E062, L006, L031, SQ031
  21. This was forwarded to the Heights Storefront from one of our P.I.P. members. Please forward this information to your neighbors and have them be on the look out. We have been having a rash of solicitors who appear to be bogus in the area lately. With the economic times getting tougher on some they may be forced to look for money in ways which is not appropriate. Please advise everyone that if a solicitor comes to their door, they do not have to open the door. They can either tell them to leave without opening the door or just ignore them! If the solicitor refuses to leave call the police at 713-884-3131! Houston Police Heights Storefront 1127 N. Shepherd Houston, Texas 77008 Phone (713) 803-1151 Fax (713) 803-1155 "Please beware of anyone asking for money for Special Olympics. My mom who lives on 9th and Cortlandt in the original Houston Heights was approached this past weekend. She called the non-profit orgazniation and they said they do not go out and solicit!!!! If you see this person please call the police. Here's the stats: White male fair skinned 20-25 years old 5'10" 150lbs red baseball hat (no logo) wearing an oversized orange polo shirt faded short jeans white socks white tennis shoes carrying a bottle of water He claims he has a son who is in these Olympics and said he lives at 1208 Oxford and there is no such address.
  22. Where did you go to get this active incident report? I would love to see the crime in the Heights.
  23. From the Chronicle today 9/14/09 Whole Foods Market is moving forward with its plan to build another inner-loop store in the Montrose area, the developer who owns the land said Monday. The Finger Cos. said it has signed a long-term lease with the upscale grocer, which is finalizing plans to build a 40,000-square-foot outlet at the corner of Waugh Drive and West Dallas Street. “We are looking forward to opening our 6th store in the Houston area and becoming a part of the Montrose community,” said Mark Dixon, Whole Foods Market Southwest regional president. The Finger Cos. also is planning a luxury apartment complex on the site.
  24. Texas drivers are going to have to buckle up and pipe down under new driving laws that go into effect Tuesday. For the first time, everyone in a vehicle will need to wear a seat belt — not just those in the front seat or younger than 15. Drivers also must secure children younger than 8 in car safety seats, not just those 4 and younger. And, talking on a cell phone while driving in a school zone will no longer be allowed (There must be signs indicating no cell phone in school zone). The restrictions are greater for younger drivers — they can't talk on cell phones or text message at all while driving.
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