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  1. Annise kept name dropping them, didn't she, in the whole 380 tax deals debate in the Heights WM discussions? I thought that might be a sign that Houston would be pushing it along soonly
  2. Ha ha, I worked at one of those you're talking about years ago when they went up. I could see the another branch of my bank from the drive thru window and with banks changing hands that bank now has three on that corner. As soon as all those banks started going up, that was the end of the industry. And yet they continue to go up...no one learns. They are useless.
  3. I can't help, but I can commiserate. My insurance is dropping me because they decided me sharing a firewall was worth not covering me. I'm a townhome to them and that's the worst thing in the world, though that wall is the only thing we share and HCAD has us as a single family dwelling. Grrrr. My agent tried a million places and could only find two that would cover us - at an addl $600 a year. Good luck, Ike and everyone who took advantage of claims that they didn't need to (there was some REAL exploitation I saw) killed insurance for Harris County. If you buy a new place, you are kinda screw
  4. This looks familiar, like something that was being planned over there awhile back. I like its look, but agree about the freeway access. Then again, many of us don't bother to get on the freeway and if my dentist or doc was in an office like that, it wouldn't bother me a bit to take Montrose down to go there. It sure would look nice from the freeway
  5. Our downtown skyline is beautiful... on a clear day, anyway. When the brown fog isn't there, I absolutely love it.
  6. You know, I only saw What's up Cupcake once and I travel that path at least six times a week. I saw the owner give some flaky excuse somewhere about it, so I sort of lost hope. Pie in the Sky is WONDERFUL!! I love all their food and their desserts are great. Go a la mode! Mango Beach on White Oak is supposed to have some yumminess too, but I haven't made it over yet.
  7. Ainbinder, not Ainsworth, FYI. And this isn't just Heights, this is concerning several neighborhoods along the Washington Corridor that use these streets and share resources. You are entitled to want WM, I am entitled to not want it. Yale's repaving was getting done before WM was announced. That's great all the streets above I-10 got so much attention, but between I-10 and Memorial there leaves much to be desired. You do more to prove AF's point than mine. As for the schools, you have got to be kidding me. I've taught in HISD and just spent the last year researching the elementary level to fin
  8. The lot most mentioned is being split into multiple plats - A, B and C with A being the Wal-Mart development. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_5E7ocgwEpk8/TFMRfW4YCBI/AAAAAAAAAkI/nY3t8WBST1c/s1600/Replat+-+Koehler+Street+-+1.jpg Across Yale, there will be three other unrestricted reserves: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_5E7ocgwEpk8/TFMT4TWPR8I/AAAAAAAAAkY/GIEywxjelYY/s1600/Koehler+Street+Variance+Overhead.jpg I can't find the info now, but would love if someone else could fill in the blank...I remember renderings with a second developer who would have space either across Koehler or across Yale. Bass is
  9. First of all, I do not claim to be cool or popular. Don't be so nasty, name calling puts your credibility in question, not mine. I am perfectly aware of what is being offset here. You guys have feeders and streets out where you live off of 1960 or feels like Dallas (your words, not mine) or wherever you are, and so having street work here isn't that out of the ordinary. I pay a lot of tax dollars on my property and we generally have crummy roads and the school I am sending my kid to is sketchy. There are better ways to spend tax dollars than a feeder we never asked for and have lived without h
  10. 2.26 miles away and hate this idea. I think the three mile inclusion is an interesting indicator, we all share these roads for schools, libraries, groceries, etc. No way, and any incentives they or Ainbinder receive or reimbursements provided later are adding insult to injury. This is desirable property, if they want it that bad they can pay every last dime themselves.
  11. It is interesting too to debate how "little" the politicians knew...afterall, when Mayor White checked out, Christina Cabral, his Director of Boards and Commissions, took a regional executive job with Wal-Mart. http://politicalblog.abc13.com/2009/09/mayors-staffers-on-the-move-out.html Hell no, they don't know.
  12. I think this is really simple, don't build it. Many in the community have spoken and said they don't want it, why does Wal-Mart want to push the matter? People say it will bring in people from beyond the Heights, but anyone near Airline or near 610 north will have an easier time heading to the new one at Crosstimbers and 45 and anyone in the West End will have an easy time hopping off the roundabout to Westcott and hitting up the new location going in at I-10 and Silber. It isn't like there won't be close Wal-Marts-a-plenty, and Target is there to meet the big box need. We have Fiestas and res
  13. I thought he was a little funny way back in the day, until he got all political. Then he just got annoying. Good riddance to that blowhard. What a shock that he will now be on a station owned by a politician. As for Roula and Ryan, I do get a little sick of Ryan going on and on and acting like his opinion is the end all, but Roula, Eric and Special K make it hilarious and usually either they or a caller will make fun of him, making it even a little better. They are def my go-to for morning shows. And IRL, Roula is the sweetest woman in the world. I met her years ago at a KRBE event the first
  14. With that in mind, I would suggest everyone greet him with open arms. If NASA wants funding (and it would seem they do by their PR move to Colbert), then Houston should support that effort. If the end is space program awareness, retaining jobs or stimulation to the local economy, it's worth it. Get Annise out there, we're looking more progressive everyday and have some stuff going on in Houston to be proud of. If it is only a "bit" act on the show planned right now, maybe the city reaching out would bring him here for a show or a week's worth. They can film at NASA, let people donate $ for tic
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