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  1. Great find! Thanks for the mention or link. Oh, wait... You copied everything else, did you forget to copy the part I wrote at the top? I found this mixed use development next to the Arts District on WDG Dallas Architecture PLLC's website www.wdgdallas.com (they're the firm that designed Victory Park's The Vista and The Terrace, The Shelby by Mockingbird Station/SMU). On the website, look under "Master Plan" --> "Spire Master Plan." Also, the other two are under: "Mixed Use" --> "2400 San Jacinto", "Commercial" --> "2500 Ross Ave | Spire Master Plan" & "Commercial" --> "2400 S
  2. I defiantly wouldn't be surprised if this one never makes it off the drawing board. BTW, the DART tracks have been relocated for months now... This project would just reclaim Hawkins St and return it to vehicular traffic.
  3. I thought Southwest's goal was to get long haul flights out of Love Field? Wouldn't this "free them up" to focus on markets that don't include Waco, Temple/Killeen/Fort Hood, Austin, and San Antonio (and in the future Bryan/College Station & Houston)? I think Southwest should embrase this instead of push it away. The capacity of Love Field wont expand even though the terminal will. SWA is already operating at Love's capacity with short flights and the few long hauls it can run. Let SNCF run those markets in Texas and SWA can focus on expanding outside the Lone Star State. Same thing goes f
  4. Great shot! Is this from the new ACC garage?
  5. Austin Business Journal article says it'll be 20 stories. But either way it depends on if they can get the FAR variance.
  6. Generic. It's called "University Park" Austin American-Statesman article
  7. Name of this development has changed.
  8. Found a website by the City of Austin about redevelopment and TOD in East Riverside. Tons of information about the City of Austin's vision for Riverside Drive as a truly mixed-use walkable TOD centered around the light-rail/streetcar proposal (the same kind of development Grayco is proposing in East Riverside). www.eastriversidecorridor.com I've only made it to page 90 but skipping around there's a ton on information that's really interesting about what polling and what is "appealing" to people in terms of development and the streetscape (pg 116-136). Here's the link to the master plan pdf
  9. Quick update, the first buildings have started going up.
  10. That'd make sense but this is a residential project. Not that the Dallas high-rise residential is in better shape... It defiantly isn't going to break ground soon considering the first thing that'll have to happen is construction of the parking garage underneath Pacific Park which won't start till the Belo Garden Park has finished. Then in no particular order, Corrigan Tower would come down, the Petroleum Building gets renovated into a boutique hotel and construction starts on the new 52-story condo building. The reason I asked is if any by some random chance, the properties have been sold,
  11. I can't imagine calling Austin in 2009 a sleepy capitol. Austin, like the other major Texas cities, is in the middle of an urban renaissance. Dallas' Uptown has seen HUGE growth in residential and even more class A office space along with half a dozen new construction condo projects and almost a dozen renovated buildings turned condos. Austin doesn't have nearly as many existing buildings for renovations, so there's more new construction then we're use to in Texas. I agree about the Trammel Crow renderings, but I doubt we'll see anything like what was shown in the presentations to the city. If
  12. More work being done. They're relocating trees off the site: http://www.news8austin.com/content/top_stories/default.asp?ArID=250482
  13. Any word on this one since the News 8 story late last year? I know the economy has put just about everything on hold but I'm surprised demolition hasn't even started on the Corrigan Tower (1900 Pacific). On a positive note though, the parks and rec dept voted to spend $2.5 million to buy the rest of the parking lot. Link
  14. Probably should have been called "The Austinite"
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