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  1. I took the Megabus to NOLA over the weekend. The station in N.O. is awesome. It's the old Union Station where Amtrak, Greyhound and Megabus converge. It's pretty much like an airport. I was very impressed.
  2. I don't think sexual orientation is protected by this amendment.
  3. The one in Midtown has turn out very nicely too. They look much better than the Camden properties.
  4. I totally agree. Why would you leave if you're not in an evac zone?
  5. That's the Chronicle garage. Maybe they'll do something to it after they move.
  6. It looks like they painted the clock. I guess it's staying.
  7. I like how they've encased the fire escape on the Milam side, with possibly, teak wood slats.
  8. I think the spaces along the outside walls are bigger. I drive an SUV and don't seem to have a problem. The inner spaces seem smaller. The spaces at the Alley Garage are way to small.
  9. They put that reversible lane in when 59 was under construction. They were supposed to take it out after construction, but never did. W. Alabama sunk during the drought, leaving the manholes sticking up. For a while they were major obstacles.
  10. rsb320


    Does anyone have the scoop on Swamplot? It seems like they've been "off" for weeks. It's my 2nd favorite website.
  11. I say bring back the "Weather Ball" that used to be up there.
  12. I kind of remember one east of S. Shepherd. There was also one on Waugh between W. Gray and Allen pkwy.
  13. FYI - I am registered at Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma.
  14. I park in that garage. It was always my understanding that it was to be used for this apt. bldg.
  15. rsb320

    METRORail Green Line

    The Preston Station on the Red Line is merely blocks from the courts. I've taken the rail many times for jury duty (it's free). I don't see your point.
  16. I worked at the Jim's across the Freeway from Channel 2 when I was 16 or 17. I did a lot of food prep work and manned the grill. Ron Stone and Doug Johnson used to come over to eat all the time.
  17. Sorry - neighbor be crazy. The variance is to adjust the fence height. It did not say if the height was to be higher or lower.
  18. How is it possible to "Doze" an historic mansion in an historic district? This house was moved to its current location in the early 1900's. Parts of the movie Terms of Endearment were filmed there. I did not see the signs myself, but was told by a neighbor. Montrose is being redefined for $$.
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