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  1. I actually work with the guy who lived in this house for many years. we just finished moving everything out of there. i spent many afternoons in that house, its got its fair share of foundation issues if i remember correctly and really hasn't been maintained very well. If anyone has any questions about it id be happy to answer them
  2. nope I'm in a complex called the place at Greenway, its on the other side of Richmond. and i work at Starbucks. we will be open from 7 to 7 tomorrow just to let yall know! i think the reason i got power so fast was because of the fire station on the end of cummins.
  3. i live on cummins st, right near greenway plaza. power turned on saturday at about 3 or 4, we have water pressure now and everything is back to normal here... with the exception of all the trees that have been knocked down.
  4. Yes, this building was my home in 1934 until 1942. I lived on the second floor and went to school on the first floor.

  5. We are renting one now, nice place, NO insulation = huge electric bill from heating and A/C. i dont know if all of the places are like this, but since they are from the same era i wouldnt doubt that a majority were without major insulation. Weird layout with two bathrooms upstairs right next to each other, one of which is a half bath. They allow you to paint and stuff inside which is nice. Good neighbors and it is routinely patroled by St. Thomas Police. I didnt know that there were any issues about who rents them out though, it is for my sister and her roomate, both students at Rice and St. Thomas. Lots of character though
  6. there is still a good full service station at Westhimer and Weslyan. they check your tires, oil, wash your windscreen, etc. Its a Mobil
  7. I went to high school at Episcopal High School, which is what is now there. Supposedly the convent is haunted. They say that a nun hung herself on the 4th floor, (which is no longer used for some reason). They are planning to totaly gut that building and redo it
  8. I grew up in this area, but only recently became interested in its formation. I asked our realtor and he said it was a dairy farm at one point, i have checked maps and this seems to be the case. He also mentioned that the homes were built by Stahlman Lumber. That would make sense considering the extensive use of wood throughout the interior of these homes. Anyone have any information on this neighborhood?
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