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  1. interestingly the broken obleisk sculpture was first exhibited in New York city in front of the Seagrams building before the Menils brought it to HOuston.
  2. I no longer live in HOuston but I was flipping through my Houston Architecture guide and I was reading about a home on Friar Tuck Lane. In the synopsis it mentioned an Oneill Ford designed home on Longbow. Anyone know anything about that house? Perhaps a picture of it? Thanks
  3. one could argue that the Herman park area of Houston could rival any public park space in the country. Its very nice and the trees are wonderful as well as all of the amenities nearby like the rail and the museums and restaurants. Not many cities have great park areas like this.
  4. I remember when i was in college at UH a group of develpers came to a jury for a project designed by a studio that included all the land at the old astroworld location. It was a mixed use developement project.
  5. Good ol Gensler. Reliably tame as always.
  6. If the Gaylord hospitality company was in charge of this project you could pretty much garuntee that it would be a success. They are the masters of large multifunctional hotel attractions. I would venture to guess that the GaylordOpryland Hotel has almost as much sf as the astrodome. Its a beast. What would be really cool is if somehow the light rail expansion could go right through the dome. I always thought that the dome would make a perfect "Grand Central" for Houstons light rail. With the dining, shopping,banking and hotel amenities included. all of the train lines would pass through the dome making all of houston accessible from this one location.
  7. Im a former Houstonian living in Nashville. I wanted to share with you the Signature Tower, that has broken ground here in Nashville. It is a 70 story hotel/condo/retail building. http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=signat...ashville-tn-usa
  8. Is that George Bush Sr house accross the street?
  9. I was panning around google maps and saw a large flat roofed house at the corner of Inwood and Lazy Lane in River oaks. Anybody have any info on this house or images. Just curious. It looks pretty impressive from the air. -CougarBrent
  10. William Stern of Stern Bucek has experience in restoring mid century homes.
  11. I wonder if this building is still on the market. I was for sell for quite a while. When I was in architecture school at UH, we had to field measure the entire building for a studio project. It actually has access to the underground tunnel.
  12. look at Rhinezinc metal panels there are some details on their website i think.
  13. here are a couple of images of the 806 Main building before the bad 1970's face lift.
  14. You might go to Houston Mods website and look at Mods on the Market, There is ususally a nice seslction of homes there. Also Glenbrook neighborhood has lots of mods but it is on the southeast side.
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