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  1. This thread reminds me of a story... Some years back - maybe around a decade ago - I was driving along in the southwest part of the city with a splitting headache. I spied a retail drugstore in a strip center and decided to stop in for something to relieve it. I parked on the side of the drugstore and walked up to a door which I thought was an entrance. I opened it and stepped inside - into a dark lobby, behind which people were playing slots and video poker. A very large, muscular man was seated on a stool in front of me. In a low, deep growl, he asked, "Can I help you?"... Me: Umm... This... isn't... the drugstore. Him: Nope. It's next door. Me: Oh, sorry. My mistake. I turned to leave when he called out to me... Him: Hey! I turned back very slowly... "Yes?" Him: You didn't see nuthin' Me: Iiii didn't see... nuthin' I never did get that headache medicine...
  2. Agreed. I'll only add that the comments above don't seem to be against opening up arteries in and out of the TMC; these comments instead seem to be against expanding the use of N Macgregor (or anything that passes through Hermann Park) as a main thoroughfare.
  3. I don't have a problem with a ban of this sort. Something has to be done to reduce landfill growth. Granted, we live in a land of relatively low density, but steps have to be taken before they're needed - otherwise, we risk becoming a Naples (or even NYC). I'd also be in support of mandatory recycling (of all items), but this would never fly in the current environment; instead, I just do my part.
  4. Thought I'd throw this out there. It's the same rendering provided by ChannelTwoNews earlier in this thread - which appears on the sign at the site - but this is a slightly higher-quality version which appears on the AD Players website itself. Not to overtly solicit money on their behalf - I have no affiliation with AD Players and have never even been to one of their performances - but this won't happen without donations. If you want to see this become realized, I encourage you all to directly contribute whatever you can: http://www.adplayers.org/capitalcampaign.html. It's a nice looking building and I think it would really enhance the uptown area.
  5. It does appear that this is open. It appears to be a budget hotel. Reviews on-line indicate that its quality is poor-to-average BUT this may simply be a reflection of its budget nature.
  6. I'm not saying I'm in support of this proposal (I'm not!) but... Some of you are commenting that it's easy to get in and out of the TMC. While that's certainly true now, I wonder if this is planning for the future. The master plan for the TMC includes nearly 10-15 million more square feet of space - effectively increasing its size by 30-50% - within the next 10-15 years. It's not crazy to think that this would come with a comparable increase in workers, patients, etc. Without sufficient infrastructure, this could lead to a huge increase in traffic. Again, though, I don't support the notion of using N Macgregor for this purpose. I like the suggestion of using Holcombe for this purpose.
  7. This is a huge blunder on the part of Megabus. I cannot fathom what they are thinking. As the linked blog post points out, the most significant apparent benefit of Megabus is its low pricing. This will essentially negate that - effectively rendering the Dallas area inaccessible by Megabus. It's not made clear in the blog post, so does anyone know if refunds are being provided to those who already hold tickets and request one?
  8. It appears you're referring to Block 142... http://downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2012-04-17/Downtown_block_numbering.pdf Is that correct?
  9. I have zero warning points. Apparently, I'm not doing something right.
  10. In the long-term, yes - but we also have to be wary that infrastructure development doesn't necessarily move at the same rapid pace as the private sector's decisions. Overly rapid expansion could have negative effects on quality of life for existing (and new) residents.
  11. Huh? Prior to the advent of the Bessemer Process, steel was only used when necessary - and not as a structural material, to my knowledge. Does anyone have information that steel has been used as a building material "for centuries?"
  12. Not based on any actual facts (except those reported above): I'd guess that someone hit a police car with their vehicle and fled the scene on foot. If so, this individual was likely intoxicated/drugged, has a warrant out for their arrest, or is illegal (which, wouldn't matter in Houston - as a sanctuary city - but that doesn't mean it's not a motivator in fleeing). Of course, this is purely speculation on my part.
  13. Thanks for the clarification, all. The Wikipedia article JamesL posted indicates several incidents/accidents. Does anyone have any sense as to whether this frequency of incidents is on par with similar services offered by other companies - or higher or lower?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I agree about the eateries. Rather than thinking about the 'best' restaurants (even within certain styles), I'm now thinking that these could be included in the other tour lists - i.e., "here are some eateries/drinkeries near each of the stops within each tour." Thoughts?
  15. I met someone this week who was in town for a conference, I didn't know this person previously, but we got into a conversation and I ended up giving her some guidance on what to see and do in Houston. This has happened to me several dozen times over the past 18 years, and this most recent experience has spurred me to create my own tourist guides for the city - nothing extravagant, but something I can just post somewhere and/or send via email. I recognize that there are more formal tourist guides out there, but - based on the statements of friends/family/people I've met - there's some room for alternatives. To this end, I intend to create several simple 'tour categories' with lists and maps of things to see and do in the region. Here's my preliminary list; I'd like to get some suggestions on the categories first, then I'll start filling out the lists. If anyone's willing to provide suggestions, I'd be happy to take a look at them. Once I'm done with this project, I'd also be happy to share these write-ups and/or post them on-line (here or on a dedicated site). Preliminary List of Tour Categories 'Big Stuff' tour (major monuments/tourist attractions) Architectural tour (self-explanatory) Driving tour (able to be done by car, without getting out) Haunted tour (self-explanatory) Shopping tour (unique shopping venues) Eateries tour (list of unique restaurants) Drinkeries tour (self-explanatory) Cultural tour (museums/theaters/etc) Public arts tour (self-explanatory) Central city tour (focusing on those attractions within the inner core of the city - not just Downtown, though) Any suggestions for more/modified categories would be appreciated. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on things to include in each list, that'd be great. I'll post my own lists after I get the categories down.
  16. Or, as has been pointed out by others, they were planning to do this anyway - and are now using the Hobby happenings as a scapegoat.
  17. Thanks for posting. I'm not familiar with this. Are these point-to-point buses to-and-from each city's downtown (or similar)? Are they larger than normal, or is that just a marketing tactic? Edit: It would help if I actually showed a greater than 3rd grade reading comprehension. You've answered some of my questions in your OP. But, are they still basically express buses - and are they larger than normal?
  18. I can't really do anything to help from Houston - and I don't know anyone out there. Sorry. I don't intend to provide false hope, but I've been witness to three occasions in which dogs have gotten loose and trekked dozens - even hundreds - of miles to a place familiar to them to be reunited with their families. One way or another, I hope you find her. Good luck.
  19. Food & Wine magazine released their list of the Best Burgers in the US recently (maybe today). Despite Houston's reputation as having some of the best burgers in the US, the editors seemingly ignored our fair city in this list. In fact, Texas as a whole is ignored: With the exception of #9, the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas (near Abilene), no other Texas location is represented in this list. http://www.foodandwine.com/slideshows/best-burgers-in-the-us Now, I haven't been to many of these establishments and sampled their fare, but I would wager that at least some other Texas locations have burgers which would be considered as good - if not better - than many of these. Any thoughts on the list and this (to me) apparent snub to Texas burger eateries?
  20. "Ginormous" ick. On another note, this thread reminds me of this classic Monty Python sketch:
  21. I'm pretty sure that the golf course requires more upkeep/management per acre than most of the rest of the park. That's the nature of golf courses. I could be wrong, though...
  22. On a side note - since we're on the broad subject of Hermann Park - I'd really like to see that we somehow make the north corner of the park (Mecom fountain, etc) much more pedestrian friendly. I'm not talking about the areainside the park itself, but rather the walkways to get to the Bloch Cancer Survivor's Plaza, Mecom-Rockwell Colonnade and the Fountain itself. Maybe replace the standard painted walkways with brick inlays as is done over by the Sam Houston statue. That would make it more appealing IMO - and extend the sense of what constitutes 'the park'. This is particularly relevant to the roundabout/fountain. I see people walking to the fountain all the time, but there is currently NO designated pedestrian crosswalk to get there from the park. I'm not sure how to accomplish the latter or where to place a crosswalk, but this would be a good addition IMO.
  23. There is something to be said for the alternative view of relocating the zoo to another greenspace instead of taking over the golf course. (I realize Niche is actually suggesting an adjunct, but a pure relocation should at least be considered, if we're fantasizing about what to do.) I personally don't care for the golf course. Why? Because I don't play the game. I'd much prefer the course be made into something else (not sure if expanding the zoo's a great idea) - but, I also recognize that this is just my opinion. My (actual) suggestion would be to convert the space into a botanical gardens - likely, an extension of the rose gardens that are already there (but, improved significantly). There's talk of establishing a formal botanical gardens in the city, and I think this would be an ideal location. But, again, I recognize that it's just a selfish desire to have something I'd enjoy more than the golf course.
  24. Agreed in principle, but hard to say without being granular about the species of which we're speaking. For obvious reasons, a large, varied nest of mice needs far less land than a single elephant (assuming adequate food is provided by humans).
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