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  1. They have begun clearing the land on the South East side of the intersection. I'm guessing they got that parcel since it was much larger and they did not have to deal with the pond reconstruction or moving. CBRE and Caldwell are both marketing others adjoining parcels with Future HEB listed in the spot they have began clearing.
  2. HPE will remain at 249. They still have some of their manufacturing there. Specifically CCM7. HPI will be occupying the space in Springwoods Village. I know of a few HPI employees that live rather close to 249 and Louetta who are looking for positions within HPE just to stay close. Even though the trip to the HPI location would be somewhat quick and easy down 99.
  3. I haven't seen any announcements. Just heard that one from a little birdie that always seems to know whats going on real estate wise around Willowbrook. Never failed me in the past, Shooters (or at least I think I remember them calling it Shooters) is almost done with their reno and look to be opening soon where In the Wind used to be on the End Cap next to the mattress place across from Baker Street.
  4. Heard it through the restaurant grapevine. Brick House is going in where Joes Crab Shack was. Reno has already started there. And I hear that Twin Peaks will be going in where Tokyo One is located currently. That intersection seems kinda plagued when it comes to restaurants. But maybe now with Bikinis, Brick House, and Twin Peaks there, maybe it will turn around and last for a bit.
  5. Aquiring a permit for a CNG Station in Houston is a giant pain. Probablly helps when you donate one to the city as well. SWN gave home refueling appliances to their CNG Truck winners. I would guess that they will have a station of their own when they move to their new Headquarters though.
  6. That space is being prepped for the new Toys R Us location. The rest of the Commons from Crazy Frogs Saloon all the away around to the Salons will stay in tact.
  7. Saw that the signage was up this weekend and looks like most of the inside has been remodeled. Should be open soon.
  8. Anybody hear any word about Ref's? I saw the thread about Stats and that is definitely a sure thing and they are almost ready. But I heard through the grapevine that since Pizza Fusion is no more, they were putting a Sports Bar called Ref's in it's place. Any word on that?
  9. They are open. Really nice place. Bout time we got something of that caliber nearby.
  10. Thanks guys. Guess Moderators can delete this post or just let it fade in to oblivion.
  11. Was interested to see if anyone has more information than I can find on the old estate on Nasa Parkway on Clear Lake across from the Hilton. See the overhead shot via maps.live.com below. It looks like a pretty large estate with guest quarters and a nice garden, pool, and other features I can't make out. Maybe a stable or tennis court? Looking at HistoricAerials.com (which was down when typing this), it looks like it predated the Space Center which was my first guess as to who might live there. An important figure there. It also appears to have been part of the Rice Univeristy System for a bit. HCAD shows Olajuwon as the currect owner. What were it's beginnings and who was the lucky person to have such a nice place right on the lake? ANy stories or coments welcome. http://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?v=2&...1&encType=1 http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=U...mp;t=h&z=18 Thanks ahead of time.
  12. Anyone have any more information on this place? I can't see them opening May 1st as activity there seems to have slowed.
  13. I noticed the sign as well. Showed within the last week or so. We shall see. I wonder if property ownership changed or if it is another Sam's concept...
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