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  1. Does anyone remember the Winterland Ice Skating Rink located at 2400 Norfolk? This is right off of Kirby kind of behind the Ninfas. The owners name was Charles or Chuck Rolland, I believe. If anyone has a pic to share that would be cool. I would really like to see what the place looked like. I am doing some research on the early 60s in Houston and that place plays a big part. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I know of four former locations: South Main Gulf Freeway @ Calhoun S. Wayside near Clinton Montrose & Westhiemer (where the Valero is)
  3. Is it still haunted or has it been exorcised? What about the Kirby mansion on Smith. I heard that palce had its share of phantoms. chris
  4. Does anyone know of ant hauntings in that area? I worked for a TV atation a few years back and we did a story on some house in that neoghborhood that the neighbors claimed was haunted. However I cannot remember which house. I do know it was off of N. MacGregor. If I see it again I will remember. I have to take a drive by there tomorrow. BOO!
  5. So its gone. I actually forgot to go by there the other day. What are they going to out there?
  6. I have the address. I will be at U of H after work. I will run by afterwards and get some pictures. I happen to have my camera with me. I should be at the address at around 630pm or there abouts. Chris
  7. I work in the building that was once the NASA headquarters. And, yes, the grounds around the building is an official city park. Throughout the day people can be seen jogging and exercising on the grounds. The person that designed this building was greatly influenced by Frank L. Wright. Follow the provided below. It gives a history of the building and the grounds. I beleive this has been posted on another thread. For your convenience here it is again: http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/graggflash.html Chris
  8. East End Susan, I pass those places in your pictures everyday! I work in that parks building, which was NASA at one time. I think I have some very old ones of that place. C
  9. Actually that does look like cotton candy. They are actually blue and white pom-poms that were handed out before the start of the game. I should have made that entirely clear. Like I had mentioned before I have a lot more pictures from those days which I would like to share once I find them. Chris
  10. Who remembers the Luv Ya Blue days? Well I sure do because we had season tickets during that era. Here are some pictures I found that I took at the dome during that era. Now, for a bit of trivia. Those pom-poms were first handed out during the Miami Dolphins game that took place on Monday Night Football. Actually, that is the first and only time they were handed out for free. After that game you had purchase them. I think they were a couple of bucks, or something like that. Houston won that game 35-30. However, I think the pictures above were taken during one of those pep rallys they had a
  11. No, he did not speak at NASA the day before he was murdered. He spoke of NASA on September 16, 1962 at Rice University, perhaps one of his greatest speaches ever. There was even an opened top limo ride down Main Street. You can find the picture in the Houston Chronicle archives at the library. Chris
  12. You mean the Don Gordon? I almost went to the original Nifas yesterday but I ran out of time....
  13. No, all of the good evidence was in the Lincoln, which at Parkland was scrubbed clean for some reason. I have some pictures of the limo parked outside of Parkland and you can clearly see a bucket next to it that was used to wipe it down. I know that on one of these threads there is a picture of the limo as it sits on display in Dearborn, Michigan. However that one is not exactly the one JFK was riding in. It is a "reconstruction" of the original one. If you get a chance there is this good book, very rare, but available in most university libraries called "LBJ a Study of Illegetimate Power", it
  14. The Secret Service was an unwitting psrtnrt in the whole deal. I had heard that clint Hill had a special relationship with Jackie. He was protecting her, not him.
  15. no pics. The house I speak of was torn down in 1985. Re-post the pictures I cant see them
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