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  1. I've been to that Jack-in-the-Box before too... I've noticed that shopping center across the way on Gessner. It's been completed for a while now yet no one has lease any of it. It would be a great location for restaurants. The area is so dry.... Some more restaurants in the area would really help.
  2. Noticed some new tenants at the mall today like Luck Brand, and Pumpkin Patch? There's also a medspa in there now...
  3. I was just in the Northgate community on Sunday and noticed that they have just opened up a new section. It's pretty neat!!! Also, there are more construction going on across the way where St. Luke's is located. Wonder what's that all about....
  4. I agree. it really doesn't look all that bad especially along the heron lakes golf course. By the way, does anyone know if that steakhouse is any good. The one with the statue of Sam Houston in front???
  5. Stone gate is definitely considered Cypress. It's way out there! Anything past Jersey village could be considered Cypress.
  6. Yes, i am talking about the area between west and gessner.... what are they planning over there? It looks like they are going to extend gessner or something.
  7. Lately the Beltway area along Jersey Village and 249 have been under major construction. There are many plans for offices. What's going on? It was not long ago that it was all land and trees. I don't mind. Just wondering what's all this construction...
  8. What else is going into the Vintage? I checked the website almost everyday and nothing seems to change? i didn't see a Cheesecake Factory on the siteplan map.... I noticed that Eddie Bauer was shown on the website. Didn't they just shut down one of their stores in Willowbrook mall? Why would they consider opening another one so close.... Same with the Gap.
  9. Is this the land that was cleared across from the Target and Lowe's shopping center? Tomball is growing really fast.
  10. I did noticed that sushi restaurant. I think it's named Koi's or something like that. Isn't Vintage Park also getting a sushi restaurant (Shogun). I remember seeing one over on 290 by Cinemark. Anyways, Hido (in AMC Shopping strip) is definitely still the best place for sushi in Northwest Houston.
  11. Yes, the sign is next to St. Luke's. It can barely be seen, but I've notice they put it up not too long ago.
  12. I've noticed a sign across from the Northgate Forest community that reads Restaurant Park coming soon in 2007. Does anyone know anything about that? It's been there for awhile. what's going on?
  13. Cirque du soleil is coming to houston again I heard!!! It will be held at Sam Houston Race Park. I've noticed today that they already put up the tents (blue and yellow stripes). I can't wait!!!
  14. Just a Maggiano's? Anything Else? that's really interesting? It's also good for the area....
  15. What's all this construction going on at Willowbrook Mall about? I noticed they are getting "Amuse." What's that? just curious.....
  16. thanks for the info on the cirque du soleil show..... can't wait till it's here!!!
  17. I've heard that Cirque du Soleil is coming to town and that it was going to be hosted at Sam Houston Race Park. Is it true? Anyone know anything about this?
  18. What else is coming to Willowbrook Mall? How do you know all of this info...?
  19. I don't know when Midway is going to start on the City Centre project, but I know that Interfin has already started building Vintage Park Houston. The company built uptown park and are now working on another project in northwest houston. I heard there will be another "Central Market" there and other great high-end retailers. I drove by the other day and noticed that most of the structures are up already. It's a really nice area that most people tend to not noticed as much like the Willowbrook Mall area.... It's going to be a great surprise for HOUSTON!!!
  20. Hi, I've noticed that Willowbrook Mall recently tore down what used to be Lord & Taylor. There's a sign that reads "FUTURE COURT." Does anyone know what Future Court is or will be? Please reply.....
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