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  1. Further North towards Westheimer and Briar Forest: Then North to Memorial and the City Centre Development:
  2. View of the Medical Center from across the parking lot of Rice Stadium: These signs (mostly in yellow) were everywhere: Hey, got a shot of the esposa:
  3. The Chase skyview: We then walked around and ended up in the Flying Saucer: Here's Mad Max chowing down: Alright, here're Mad Max' shots:
  4. 610 Loop: DT from I-10, did the best I could: Then hooked it north on I-45: Put up the camera, and took it out again after my hearing. Here I'm getting back onto I-10 West from the Beltway: Adios ..
  5. Photos as I left DT: Videos: Video of the location and people: The Implosion: (I screwed up and accidently turned off the recorder a little early, sorry) Adios: ...
  6. I got a photo in myself with the Mayor: Sun began to creep out: The runners line up: And they're off: I left the podum I snuck onto and began to walk around:
  7. Yeah, that's a cool bridge under 59. I've seen a photo of it in another thread, I think by WesternGulf. I've posted your shot over here, hope you don't mind. It's very strange how it looks under the expressway like that.
  8. The original command center; this was cool: The Saturn V Rocket: Adios from Houston: ,,,
  9. And some videos: First video is of the scene and crowd: Second video is of the kid getting instructions and giving interview: Third video is of the implosion (it was freakin loud): The fourth video is of the aftermaft. We got out of there fast because of the dust. I picked up my water bottle and put it in my mouth because I was holding my camera and video camera. You can hear me talking like a idiot: The dust got into my eyes and contacts. I drove home teary eyed. This was a blast. Hope you enjoyed the pics and videos. Adios ...
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